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Sw'TVwtvi 199 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 

'Expression is throuak the 




mind, heart and 

^abte of Contents 

.-■■.,■ ■ ■ ■ . 






Study n ^Travel 

Sou'wester T>igest 


I Inde?c 

Southwestern University 
1001 E. University Ave. 

We *E?(press Oursdvts. . . 

In Our (DaiCy Lives. . . 

through tradition. . . 

through Laughter. . . 

through 'Tatent. ♦ ♦ 

through 'Emotions. 

T/te Southwestern r E?(perience 
Qives us the Ability to Construct 

find to %ealize that through 

life 's endeavours. . . 

.,'.vJ* rv '^ 


'i •' 

4. i 



/ x 



f&ttf Of 



■*> « ^jij& ; ,-r 7 - ;! >4^H^ 4^' **? 


i'i s *■ '<■ 



. . .and by the way, it's a "I express myself through Friendship: "When I am 

stick." poetry. I write about how I friends with someone, 

feel and I just don't let any- I'll be the best friend 

body know how I feel." they'll ever have." 

"What can I say about col- 
lege but BEER!" 

". . .motivation for learning 
new things. If class is inter- 
esting, you are intrinsically 
motivated to do the work 
because the work is interest- 

'haM, hAM, HAM!" 

"I express myself physically 
and verbally. I'm a really 
touchy and feely person. I 
like to talk about my feelings. ' ' 

Are Mark Holmes and Brian Shockley hungry? 

Kim Essary always gives a big hello! 

What are these two drinking, I wonder? 

'i, 'Ifjffl 

'St^Kw ^ 

I ,- iig'^i^^lg^l^ 

Ljg*— x '„J~^'^J~Lsr 

* 1 

' 4 


Loan Tran (AKA The Goddess of Bar-B-Que) Neil and David always give Dana a lift. 


Pete Allman 

"I like to drink beer 
and I got a job!" 


v - 

• f JB 

a r 

oston Bradley, Jr.H 
Accounting | 

Julie Ann Branch 

irnrmrfi -v 

"I don't have definite plans for when I graduate. I 

know I'm going to take a year or two to collect 

myself, and then I'll start graduate school. I want to 

spend some time in Mexico - maybe go to school 

there. Eventually I'd like to get my doctorate and 

teach history at the college level. I'd also like to do 

some work in Latin America; helping to educate 

women there in order to improve their situation. 

Mostly, I just want to be happy, and feel like I am 

accomplishing something worthwhile." 


Joseph Daniel Browder III 
English & Art 

John Thomas Carlson 

III ii INI - f — 

m i 


Angelyque Campbell 
Comm. & Pol. Sci. 

The (Harry S. Truman) scholarship reaffirmed 

for me that I do want to have a career in public 

service. The leadership week I attended last 

summer was a great experince because I met 

others who were equally committed, if not 

more, to the field. For my graduate studies, I 

intend to focus on urban affairs because the 

domestic situation in this country is being 

greatly neglected. As I reflect back on my four 

years, I have learned that involvement is good, 

but it is a matter of how you invest your time. 

My advice to all current and future S.U. 

students: only say yes to those organizations 

that truly matter to you. 

Kellv Shea Conrad 

wmtj^f^* '**" J-t '•' 


B ■ jt\J 

f[^^)HwlafV f wr j&K"'^' * ■ 

fe"" "^i 


j3^^ 3^J^^«fej?!S r iM 



1 Jeffe 

ry Travis Cookston 


Ramiro Canales 
International Studies 

During the summer of 1990, under the auspices of 

the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship 

Foundations, I participated in the Woodrow Wilson 

Program in Public Policy and International Studies at 

the University of Michigan. At the Institute of Public 

Policy Studies, I took courses which ameliorated my 

analytical, quantitative, and communication skills. 

Upon successful completion of the program, I earned 

a graduate fellowship to pursue my master's degree 

in public policy or international affairs as a 

Woodrow Wilson Fellow. 

Michelle Margot Espinosa 
History & Spanish 


Rebecca Cheney 

"Even though Southwestern is a small 

school, I got as much out of it as I would 

have at a large school. I know I want to 

aint for the rest of my life. You get into 

ft so much. ..that's all you want to do. My 

goal is to do 'something'. I want to do 

something to make enough to buy paints - 

that's it." 


^i> * .XHr^jKk'-hH 

- ■ 




sr .If ;j 


* m 







Sandra Elizabeth Estrada | 

Psychology :j 

Jennifer Lee Francis 


Maria Antonia Gil 
CHj Sociology | 

txtt^cp cttv 

What else is Jarret interested in besides 
politics and individual liberties?What else but 
comedy! Jarret claims, "In my heart I know 

'm funny" (a quote from Good Morning 

Vietnam ). He emphasizes that it is important 

for each individual to 'know thyself. "It is 

important to do things right for you and be 

honest with yourself." Ask him though/'How's 

it going?" Jarret always replies, 'It's going. 

The question is where." 


s/l» l ^^JJ " 

S ^H 


W -j 


Esme Holland 



mm ,: * 



T&*~~<- Karen Lynn Hrdlicka 



» v, , 


v - : "e 

■■ ■ ■:■*. • ■■ ■■■■''■■,■■ ''' ■ ■ ' „, ■: 

V ~ ^ 


^ ■«*»*| i J* •' *» A 

..——. I^^^SgM 

Valerie Sue Huff 
Poitical Science 

i r. k 

- J 

Brian Joseph Hunt 

i C» < • %J 

1 1* ^HSS^S! ^^^^^ 

t ^pcct^^-"^'* 

||PH!«- fW 

I IPC,, tf 

I ^Sa 1 

^m ..^^^F^^ iH 

■ ■""" I Robin Lee Joynes 1 


«<K-«V Psychology | 


l^ait ' w^PM^mMiMBffic^ i 

Annabelle Ibanez 
I Spanish & Poitical Science! 

Jeff Greathouse 
Chemistry & Math 

If given that golden opportunity to do anything at 
least once, what did Jeff reply? "I would like to 
be a pro baseball player. ..for the Pirates." While 

awaiting that chance, though, Jeff likes to 
collect subway tickets. Unsual? Of course not. 
He has metro tickets from different places such 
as Belgium, Washington, D.C., even Paris. But 
watch out. One day these items will be antique 

M^l Wr 

«i. w 





1 n 

Kyla Jean Lawson 1 

mtJj south 

HE 1 u -» 

i I Jennifer Ann LeDuc 
J Sociology 

Kenda Lanae Jameson 

I have always wanted to become a 
doctor. The excitement of helping others 
sends chills down my spine. My profound 

thought from college is to never take 

anything or anyone for granted. I realize 

how much my family meant to me once I 

was away from them. They have always 

been my biggest fan club and supporters. 

I especially thank my brother who 

always gave me the extra push and 

encouraging words that I needed. I miss 

and will always love you, Jaysn! 

ftV. \ . '. -^ 

Kim Long 
Child Study & Language Dev. 



Melissa Jean Maurer 

Audrey Ai-Cheng Lim 

* Charles Oliver May IV 
Business ■ 


Erik Marshall McConathy 
Computer Science & Math 

■ jjJKBSSf*K ~_^1 

Bhmmw Liane McDonald ■ 
^fc\ ^V- Economics J 

■ i 

■' ■' /; 


|£. a 


gfelS iZ '. JMMIilBlP 

I Alison Mary McKay 1 

Timothy Philip McGonigle 

Roy Nieto 
Political Science 

"I leave SU with memories that will stay in my 

heart forever. The baseball team has been a 

family to me and the players are my brothers. 

I cannot even place value on the lessons from 

Coach Mallon, Coach Ellison, and Coach Sheldon. 

To them I am forever in debt. The faculty has 

been exceptional and have bent themselves 

backwards in all endeavors of my scholastic 

career. John Lind has been my academic 
confidant, but more importantly, he has been 
my friend. He exceeds all aspects of his job. 

Finally, a warm and special thanks to the 

Financial Aid Office-they kept me in school. 

And to all. . . PEACE." 

Steve Thomas McKay 
Computer Science 

Alexis Elizabeth Milam!; 

Jill Elizabeth Millei 



Kristine Elizabeth Olsta 

HUH— —J 

Neil Thayer Patterson 
International Studies & French 

"...Something international.. I want to do 

something with this international studies 

major. ..the best experience I got out of SU was 

being an RA. I learned a whole lot. I got to know 

and work with some really neat people. I loved 

it. ..Another great experience was Tri-Delta. 
Being in a sorority taught me a lot too. It was a 
great group of people, we had a lot of fun, and I 
thought, high ideals. ..SU feels like home. I felt 

like I was educated in the classroom, the 

residence halls, and definitely from all those 

crazy meetings! Oh! and I'm a real Francofile. I 

love this French stuff, I'll probably want to do 

something with that." 

Steve Patrick Otillar 
nternational Studies 

Ann Louise Preis 



■ J! 

uJ IJ «S_^!^fc ... 

^■■"s. | 


\ t^- , > *£■ 

HH 1 Elizabeth 

Rachel SandiferH 

^^H Sociology J 


„"• •* *'" Is; 




« El 

1 ^^ 
^ ' 1 


1 w 



'1 Shelly Reese I 


i Sociology 11 

Vernonica Lynn Rogers 

Paul David Price 
Chemistry & Math 

By adding a little bit of math, chemistry, and physics, Paul 

finds that one can truly get an appreciation for the science 

because it provides a "general overhead and interaction." He 

hopes to become a doctor and teach chemistry at a school 

similar to SU. The atmoshpere of Southwestern is so 

'unique'. If given the opportunity to do something at least 

once, though, Paul doesn't want to invent the next airplane 

to the moon. Instead, this huge baseball fan would like a 

chance to be a baseball radio announcer. 

Spencer Thomas Ske 


JP^K^Y|f <oi*»«— ~t 


I *^-.'iWf " 1 i 

I? * flH ^S 

S : *&r ' ^^^^ 

;Sj S *^HSf ' 

PP^T ,?• <*« 

fe^s^ ^ * ^"~«~-^ * iP 

wf Kayla Ma 

rie Simons 

I Child Study & Language Dev. T 

James John Reeves 

"I guess I would like to be a small town physician; 

one which looked like he stepped out of a Norman 
Rockwell painting. At SU, I feel that I have gotten 

both the academic and personal side to my field. 

Dr. Villa really helped in fostering a respect for 
medicine while the personable atmosphere created 
by the students gave me a better understanding of 

people. As far as memories of SU, the Cross- 
country team, the History Dept., and the Phi house 

(and maybe even a few Phi's as well.) 


Deanna Lynn Welbourn 
Child Study & Language Dev. 

Gwyn Vander Vorste -^ 

#A ^P 

Christina J. Villarreal 
Political Sci. & Comm. 

"I thought coming to a school like 

Southwestern, where I would be in the 

definite minority as a person of color, I 

would lose my ties to my culture and 

ethnicity. But that didn't happen. I am 

more aware now than ever before. One 

thing I did discover was the importance 

people put on labels. Am I Chicana, 

Hispanic, Latina, or a Mexican-American? 

I don't think it matters, as long as you know 

who you are and where you come from.' 




Lorri Jean White 
International Studies & French 


Laura Williams 
Child Study & Lanuage Dev. 

Miguel Zorrilla 


Hispanic Awareness Society seems to have that 
unity thing down. 

Brett Norbraten and 
Ramiro Canales stand in 
line to ask questions 
during the D'Souza-Car- 
ton debate . 

3kay, Matt Heavner and Vickie Rawlins, can't 
/ou two see that the meeting is about to 
start and everybody is waiting on you? 

Rosa Escobar explains that 
the number of pictures a 
person has in the yearbook is 
a function of how much money 
is paid to the editor. 

Left: You would think that 
they should know how to sing 
professionally by now, with- 
out slobbering all over their 
shirts ! 


The purpose for SSA is to provide a forum for student concerns and 
opinions as well as increasing communication between the student body 

and the rest of the University community 

Members include: (L to R) Front Row: Kenda Jameson, Charles Koutras, 

Christi Villareal. Middle Row: Kim Goldsmith, Angelyque Campbell, 
Stephanie Swafford, Elizabeth Holland, Alyssa Perz, Dionne Thomas. 
Back Row: Stephanie Saldana, Tuan Nguyen, Eric Timm, Paul Sorajja. 



Student Judiciary guarantees the integrity of the Honor System by 
serving as the tribunal for hearing alleged violations. 

(L to R) : Holly Tiemann, Craig Garrett, Lisa Jacob, 
Ellen Stewart, and Joey King. 


The Union Program Council is considered the governing body of the Bishop 
Memorial Union . The Council organizes programs designed to entertain th 
student body. This year, UPC sponsored a film series, comedians such a 
Jim David and Dan Horn, magicians, game shows, dances and many more events 

Members include (L to R) : Bottom row: Tracy Bonday de Leon (advisor) , Caroline 
Gonzalez (Membership Chair), Carrie Simmons, Chip Thompson, George Cruz, 
Perla Bermudez . Top Row: Michele Bryant, Jeff Nye (Vice-Chair), Vernonica 
Rogers, Sean Redeker, Stephanie Holland, Kim Goldsmith (Secretary), Julie 
Otto, Bill Dean, Sara Lucero, Gary Kretzschmar, Hannah Inselmann, and Sandra 
Estrada (Chair) . 

Not pictured: Jody Browder, Angie Castro, Brandi Mattson, and Tuan Nguyen (SSA Rep, 

Showing off the UPC table at Organization ' s 
Fair are Sandra and Caroline. 

Entertainment is a major role of UPC and 
they certainly entertained during the 
Homecoming Parade. 

Sean thinks, "Okay, the film goes in this 
hole and then what?" 


UPC sponsored the magic show during 
orientation weekend. 

. . . and the crowd yells, "One dollar! 
One dollar!" as the wheel spins around 
during UPC's version of "The Price is 
Right . " 



The Young Democrats is an organization interested in supporting candidate 
in local, state, and national elections. It educates the campus c 
important issues and encourages participation in the political process 

Members are: (L to R) Kneeling: Cynthia Flores, and 
Stephanie Saldana. 

Standing: Rosa Escobar, Neda Orem, Brett Norbraten, 
Ellen Stewart, and Alice Hardt . 



Equal Voice for Women 's 
Perspective provides a 
nonhierarchical , non- 
competitive space for 
interested members of 
the Southwestern com- 
munity to gather and 
foster awareness of 
gender issues from a 
woman's perspective. 

Members include (L to R) First Row: Randy Cauley, Jennifim Doyle, Kim 

:rowder, Jennifer LeDuc, and Jill Ford. Second Row: Jarrett Cummings, 
Michelle Espinosa, Peggy Richmond, and Stephanie Molnar. 



PSA promotes the 
education and 
overall awareness 
of social, environ- 
mental, and peace 
issues through 
discussion of the 
issues, their 

causes, and possible 
solutions . 

Members include: (Lto R) First Row: Marrit Howard , 
Vickie Rawlins, Michelle Gold, Jane Lee, and Deidre 
Harrell. Second Row: Peggy Richmond, Matt Heavner, and 
John Akin. 


Students Helping the Admission Recruitment Program is a voluntee: 
organization that brings current students together with prospectivt 
students to enrich the admission recruitment experience. 



Student Foundation is a selected group of students dedicated to the 
advancement of Southwestern through involvement in student recruit- 
ment, alumni activities, and public relations . 

Members are : (L to R) First Row: Janet Zamecki, Loan Tran, Stephanie Swaf ford, Christina Corevessis, 
fcdyssa Perz, and Robin Neas. Second Row: Ben Elliott, Tammy Jordan, Alayne Kulvicki, Lisa Jacob, 
lathy Sanders, and Craig Garrett. Third Row: Paul Sorajja, Pam Tamez, Ellen Stewart, Jennifer 
jOtt, Bret Barrier. Fourth Row: Michelle Weselman, Randy Cauley, Fred Seip,and Raimund McClain. 
'ifth Row: Mike Fuller, Shannon Simms, Mandy Timm, John Pinion, and Emily Werlein. Sixth Row: 
"uan Nguyen, Eric Timm, Kris Ercums, Kenda Jameson, Andy Miller, Jason Pierce, Long Tran, Rob 
'hillips, Crystal Church, and Sel Unite. 

Student Foundation members have quality bonding 
time before their busy schedules start. 

Tuan, John and Ben steal some 
resting time during SING prac- 
tice . 

Dean Baker, Peter Hassinger and Michael 
St oval 1 in Bus Stop. 


j\\ ( jOV< ffi 

f « 

y 1 !-/ 


^90* i 


'>''' 3VL. 

Michelle Gold asks, "Okay, Okay, who 
drank all the coffee?" during Coffee- 
house which is sponsored by PSA and 
English Society. 

Jarrett Cummings tries to 
explain the new governance 
system during a town meeting. 

Hispanic Awareness Society enthusiastically par- 
ticipates in the Homecoming Parade. 

Sandy Brown, Catherine Lopez, and Scott 
Smith are putting on their smiles for the 
Organizations Fair 

Andrew Benton would be glad to tear up 
a dollar for The Spencers (magicians 
sponsored by UPC) anytime. 


Trey Gerfers reads to fellow students during the 
tribute to Dr. Seuss. 

Adwoa Aduonum, Yukiko Inaba, and Audrey Lim are setting 
the new fashion trend during the Flag Ceremony for 
International Students. 

APO members engage in a game 
called "Let ' s- get- really- 
close-even -though- there ' s- 
alot-of- open -space -around 

-us . 

Ready for the business world, AKPsi members Karen 
Hrdlicka, Amy Agee, and Ann Preis, were ready to market 
their organization during Organizations Fair. 

Christina Diaz speaks with 
Akua Fur low before Mrs. 
Furlow's lecture on abor- 



Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, based on fraternalisn 
and founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts of America . Its purpose 
is to develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service tc 

Actives include: (L to R) First Row: Adwoa Aduonum, Gwen Buhr, Scott Smith, Kim 
Goldsmith, Jon Porter, Nisa Sharma, Anita Tiff, Barbara Kearley, and Jill Fariss. 
Second Row: Myrshia Woods, Tuan Nguyen, Anna Brown, Maria Steinhoff, Pamela Tamez, 
Walter Martz, Jen Murphy, Steve Otillar, Matt Lowry, and Craig Hobbs . Third Row: Kim 
Darden, Amanda Hunt, Wendy Streza, Julie Horton, David Runnels, and Audrey Lim. Fourth' 
Row: Matt Ammerman, Robin Weinburgh, Andrew Walker, Jay Whidbee, Andy Miller, and 
Trey Tatum. 

^^ U^^^ Fall Pledge Class: (L to R) First Row: 

Vickie Walker, Amanda Sheffield, Mich- 
elle Mesen, Amy Tharp, Dean Baker, 
Laura Sewell, Daniel Dodd-Ellis, Julie 
Hudson, Sara Alvis, and Brian Crooks. 
Second Row: Cathy Clifton, Patrick 
Chavez, Tom Macaluso, Carrie Simmons, 
Brandi Mattson, Christine Cantanzaro, 
Theresa Welborn, Clay Andrews, Shannon 
Irish, Aimee Bye, Cristin Zakielarz, 
Danette Smith, Marie Cox, Laura Counts, 
Betsy Torres, Ashley Duncan, and 
Jeannie Weddle. Third Row: David 
Johnson, Andrea Keys, John Wivagg, 
Jenny Terry, and Sara Lucero. Fourth 
Row: Greg Tatum, Charlie Koutras, 
Joseph Rubin, Lesley Sommer, Jeff 
Schadler, Luis Barbero, Eric Adams, 
Lauren Williams, and George Cruz. 


Ah yes, that brotherly love? 

Smiling before SING. Man, what a show! 

If your happy and you know 
it, say A-P-O! 

What a beautiful day for a family picnic 
. . .and David plays "Seafood". 

Just another re- 
cruitment project 
under way. 


The Baptist Student Union provides a ministry to persons of the campus, 
community, leading them to toward faith in God, guiding them in Christiai 
growth and discipleship and involving them in responsible churcl. 
membership . 

Members Include : 
Bottom Row: Todd Blackhurst 
Eric Boyt, and Matt Campbell. 
Middle Row: Michael Leve ridge, 
Tracy Ramirez , and Kerri Pearson . 
Top Row: Catherine Lopez and 
Helen Sharkey. 

BSU's "Holy Rollers" posing after 
another victory in the Pi Kappa Alpha 
Kickball Tournament. 


Upward Bound provides an atmosphere conducive to Christian fellowship and 
growth, with an emphasis placed on the development of one's individual 
relationship with Christ. 

Members pictured 
are: (L to R) Craig 
Hobbes, Matt Lowry, 
Anita Tiff, David 
Littlefield, Lauren 
Cox, Dora Nemeth, 
Christina Leone, and 
Helen Baumfalk 




HAS is an organization designed to provide an understanding of Hispanic 
culture and to serve as a means for intercultural exchange. 

Members include: (L to R) First row: Christi Villarreal, Marissa deLeon, Marissa 
Castanon, Rachel Romero, Angie Castro, Vickie Bartholomew, and Madge Vasquez . 
Second Row: Brian Hollis, Carmina Holguin, Sara Lucero, Carrie Simmons, George 
Cruz, Spencer Herrera, and Deidra Harrell . Third Row: Greg Tatum, Pamela Tamez, 
and Annabell Ibanez. Fourth Row: Cindi Flores, Sandrine Chauloux, Monica Carrera, 
David cox, Enrique Garcia, Mike Lore, James Rodriguez, Michelle Espinosa, and 
Patrick Chavez . 

It's tradition - Bonding while Roll- 

Let's add a little hip action to this 
picnic . 


Ebony exists primarily for those students interested in promoting 
greater unity among African Americans and the Southwestern community, anc 
who desire a heightened sense of identity and a greater awareness anc 
appreciation of African American Culture. 

Members Include: (L to R) 
Bottom Row: Dionne Tho- 
mas, Adwoa Aduonum, 
Angelyque Campbell, Eraks 
Childs, Cathy Sanders, 
Ansalan Stewart and Shawn; 
Pipkin. Middle Row: Sandra 
Galindo, Julie Branch,, 
Shauna White, Catherine 
Brush, Kim Bell. Top Row: 
Myrshia Woods, Tameka Carr, 
Kim Darden, Lisa Green, 
Shontell Roberson, and 
Marjorie Gibson. 


participating in the Homecoming parade 

1 ™ Organizations 


The International Club provides assistance to new international stu- 
dents as they arrive on campus and contributes to the intercultural 
education of all students at Southwestern. 

Members are: (L to R) Bottom Row: Angela Sparks, Vickie Bartholomew, 

Elizabeth Bossart, and Jane Lee. Middle Row: Maria Ludena, Sanae Fujita, 
Catherine Brush, Rachel Hughes, and Sarah Greenwood. Top Row: James 
bewitt, Tobias Pischel, Yukiko Inaba, Kenneth Luk, Jawad Sarwana, Okan 
Demirmen, Mike Bailey, Neda Oren, and Amanda Hunt. 

rhe international students wore their 
native costumes during the Flag Ceremony. 

Jawad patiently awaits 
the start of the meeting. 



Southwestern Students for Life is an organization dedicated to edu- 
cating the campus community about the pro-life stance and upholding 

the sanctity of life. 


are: (L to R) 

Row : Je nn i f e r 

r i e n , Shontell 

Robertson, John 
Biles, Akua Furlow 

(speaker) and Jason 
Spivey. Second Row: Elsa 
Pena, Stephanie Benham, 
Jennifer Covington, and 
Christina Diaz . Top Row: 
Dr. Delaney (advisor), 
and Craig Hobbes. 


Reproductive Freedom Now! promotes the education about the awareness, 
and protection of issues relating to reproductive freedom. 

Members include: (L to R) 
First Row: Michelle 
Espinosa, Jarrett 
Cummings, and Jennifer 
LeDuc. Second Row: Jill 
Ford, Jennifer Doyle, Peggy 
Richmond, and Stephanie 
Molnar. Top Row: Randy 
Cauley and Kim Crowder. 



The Methodist Student Movement provides opportunites for fellowship, 
service, worship, and ministry to Methodist and non-Methodist students. 

Members include :First Row: Sheri St ice, Kim Massey, Lynn Costlow, Amy Marshall, 

Jennifer Murphy, and Andrew Decker . Second Row: Robin Joynes, Michelle Weeks, Teresa 
Tuttle, and Gem Ann Reagan .Third Row: Wally Pilcher, Annette Leonard, April Mangels, 
PamDrawe, Gordan Surratt , and David Littlefield. Fourth Row: Rob Phillips, Marie Cox, 
Jill Anderson, Holly Brothers, Susie Estes, and JoAnn Elliott .Fifth Row: Deanna 
Welborn, Matt Lowry, Angela Tattini, David Runnels, David Martin, Matt Charlton, Jason 
■^Miller, & Robert Linhart . 


WICI's purpose is to unite members for the purpose of promoting the 
advancement of women; to work for the First Amendment rights and re- 
sponsibilities of communicators. 

First Row: (L to R) 

Marissa Castanon, Wendy 
Streza, Jennifer Hritz, 
Carrie Johnson. Second 
Row: (L to R) Angelyque 
Campbel 1 , Tracy 
Ferguson, Sandra Cook, 
Jennifer Doyle. 


Cardinal Key is a selective organization for outstanding students 
from the junior and senior classes. Membership is based on scholar- 
ship and leadership in campus and community activities. 

Members are: (L tc 
R) Bottom Row: Sel 

Unite, Ginny Gra- 
ham, Dana Wagner, 
and Lorri White. 
Top Row: Dr. Muir- 
Broaddus, Craic 
Garrett, Jamie 
Reeves, Loan Tran, 
Amy Briscoe anc 
Sandra Estrada. 

Right : Officers are : (L to R) 

Sandra Estrada, Secretary; 
Craig Garrett, Vice-President; 
Loan Tran, President; Jamie 
Reeves, Treasurer; and Amy 
Briscoe, Hisorian. 

Below: A major event of Cardinal Key is the 
Big Brother/Big Sister progam. 

Loan and Craig proudly 
answer questions during 
the Organizations Fair. 




Alpha Chi is a national undergraduate scholarship society. Its 
objectives are the stimulation, development, and recognition of 

scholarship . 

Members include: (L 
to R) Front Row: Leigh 
Gard, Michael Peck, 
Ginger Gaines, Marg- 
aret Riley, John Biles, 
Debbie Gasser, Sheri 

| St ice , and Robin 
Joynes. Back Row: 
Rhett Trusler, Jeff 
Greathouse, Brett 

■Norbraten, Tyler 
Mercer, Paul Tatum, 
Michelle Weselman, 
Paul Price, and Brenda 
Gray, and Jamie Reeves . 


Psi Chi is the national honor society in psychology. It encourages, 
stimulates, and maintains scholarship in, and advances the science of 


Left: Members are: Front Row: 

Heather Honig, Kristen Howell, Robin 
Joynes, Sheri Stice, Sandra Estrada, 
Christa Buerger, and Carrie George. 
Back Row: Karen Helmers, Andrew Talk, 
Steve Perz, Dr. Purdy, Timothy 
McGonigle, Dr. Reinehr, Joe Willson, 
Jill Anderson, and Dr. Muir-Broaddus . 

Right: Officers are (L to R) Kristen 
HawoI 1 v^-r(=m Hplmpr.q. anH Rnhi n Jnvnp.s . 

The members of Pi Delta Phi think "Don 't mess with 
us when we have to make posters in English! " 

Audrey Lim only smiles aftei 
being asked what compounds g« 
into making that sign. 

Angelyque Campbell 
does her imperson- 
ation of Whitney 
Houston during the 
Homecoming Parade . 
Only this time, she 
didn 't sing The Star 
Spanled Banner. 

Southwestern Students for Life proudly march during 
the Homecoming festivities . 

Below: Didn 't anybody ever tell 
them that curiosity killed the 

Jason Ragsdale displays 
his literacy during Cof- 
feehouse. Oh Boy! 


The student body looks very attentive 
during the town meeting. 

Donald Stricklin and Darien Kubik pretend 
to look at the stage set-up while everybody 
else works. 

1 Reunited after the long summer, these 

>s victims of the Cardinal Key Big Brother 

- progam are Tuan Nguyen, Cullen Hay, Jeff This is the new music fraternity, Duck-a 

Nye and Sean Redeker. Omicron. 


Pi Delta Phi is the national French honor society. It recognizes out- 
standing scholarship in French, and furthers the awareness and inter- 
est in France and her contributions to world culture. 

Members include : 
(L to R) Front 

Row : Carrie 

George, Debbie 
F i she r , anc 

Cynthia Flores. 
Back Row: Lorri 
White , Monica 
Carrera, Amanda 
Hunt, Jill Ford, 
and Sarah Nelson. 

Not Shown: 

irian 1 


Sigma Delta Pi is the national Spanish honor society. 

(L to R) : Marg- 
aret Reily, Paige 
Bonner, and Karen 
Fricke . 



Pi Sigma Alpha is a national political science honor society which offers the 
opportunity for students to discuss and become involed in political issues and 

Members include: 
(L to R) David 
Campbell, Michael 
Peck and John 

Not pictured: Nate 
Blakeslee and Moon 
Tran . 



ACM is organized for educational and scientific purposes: to promote an in 
creased knowledge of and greater interest in computing . 

(L to R) : Steven 
McKay , Susan 

Crawford, Joey 
King, Dr. Walter 
Potter , Bryan 
Hooper, Erin Man- 
ning, and Erik 
McConathy . 


Alpha Kappa Psi is the national business fraternity. It is comprised 
of both men and women studying for a career in business . 

Members are: (L to R) Front Row: Melissa Maurer, Angelica Castro, Ann Preis, Am^ 
Agee, Karen Hrdlicka, Caroline Wieland, Tammy Braden, Catherine Lopez, and Kristir 
Sumpter. Back Row: Heather Kissinger, Dr. Sellers, Dr. Giesecke, Dr. Delaney, Paula 
Jackson, Helen Sharkey, Caroline Gonzalez, John Carlson, Janie Chavarria, and Matt 
Pouttu . 

The different degrees of smiling as 
portrayed by Randy, Heather, and Melissa. 

Smile, and say, "MONEY!" 

Janie and Amy have that 
Homecoming spirit. 




American Chemical Society promotes awareness of chemistry in the general public 
and provides professional guidance to chemistry students. 

Members are : (L to R) 
Front Row: Alyssa 
Perz, Audrey Lim, Lisa 
Jacob, Elizabeth 
Bossart, and Anita 
Tiff. Back Row: Dr. 
Lansford, Dr. Soulen, 
Jamie Reeves, Paul 
Price, Amanda Hunt, 
Jeff Greathouse, and 
Matt Lowry. 


The Southwestern Science Society is an organization of advanced students. Its 
objective is to promote interest and high scholarship in all branches of pure 

and applied science. 

Members include : (L to 
R) First Row: 

Katherine Zych, Dora 
Nemeth, Christin 
Biggers, Audrey Lim, 
Kenda Jameson, Lisa 
Jacob, Alan Huang, and 
Ashley Stiegler. 
Second Row: Dr. Soulen, 
Dr. Lansford, Dr. 
Berning, Paul Price, 
Dr. Hilgeman, and Jeff 
Greathouse . 


Tomorrow's Educators of all Children provides an opportunity for Its 
members to develop a foundation of professionalism as well as compe- 
tence and personal growth In prepararlon for a teachng career. 

Members include : 
(L to R) Front 

Row : Carrie 

George, Nicola 
Watkin , Janelle 
Mamie Holland. 
Back Row: James 
Hunt (advisor) , 
Covington, Susan 
Aker s , Carrie 
Lemmens, Andrea 
Johnson, Laura 
Phillips, Mia 
Fairchild, Hannah 
Inselmann, Debbie 


Organization for the Advancement of Students In Sociology encourages a 

greater Intellectual growth In Its members, and a greater Interest In 

sociology and sociological Issues among the campus community at large. 

Members are (L to R) Front 
Row: Maria Gil, Dana Wagner, 
Anna Brown, Jennifer LeDuc, 
Margaret Edges, Dr. Kain, 
and Steve Perz . Second Row: 
Dr. Hilliard, Heather Hull, 
Alexis Milam, Catherine 
Stokes, Robin Neas, Dr. 
Neville, Beth Pittman, and 
Michael Hammes . Third Row: 
Andy Miller, Alan Hamilton, 
Jamie MacKay, Mark Thomp- 
son, and Nancy McCorpin . 



Philosophy club promotes within students the field of philosophy and 

its functions. 


Members include: (L to R) Front Row: Catherine Clifton, Jason Moore, Jenna 
Heller, and Matt Heavner.Back Row: Kevin Franta, Jason Miller, Dr. 
Blackburn, Anya Darrow, Christopher Chaput, Randy Cauley, Joseph Rubin, 

and Patrick Chavez 


Pre-Law Society cultivates an appreciation of the high ideals of the 
law and promotes a general interest in the law. 

Members are: (L to R) 
Bottom Row: Robert 
Dodd, and John Pinion. 
Middle Row: Amy Agee, 
Laura Hutto, Diana 
McQuill in , Sofia 

Perches, and Amanda 
McMillian. Last Row: 
David Cox, Ellen 
Stewart , Brett 

Norbraten, and Ben Bash. 



Staff includes: First 
Row: Maria Steinhoff, 
Lisa Jacob, Trinh Nguyen, 
KimMassey, Sheri Stice, 
Christi Rojo, and Madge 
Vasquez. Second Row: Nisa 
Sharma, Steve Alex, Robin 
Joynes, David Robinson, 
Leslie Wright, and Debbie 
Fisher. Third Row: 
Patrick Lorenz, Lisa 
Smith, Emily Werlein, 
Kris Howell, Shelia 
Kandeler, Angie Castro, 
Sandy Kendell, Casandra 
Parker, and Neil 

After a rough day being the 
S.A. of 2nd LK East, Emily 
Werlein is still smiling! 

East and West Side meet to join vocal chords 
and . . .SING! 



Staff members are: (L 
to R) First Row: Jason 
Pierce, Andrew 

Decker. Second Row: 

Craig Garrett, Erin 
banning, Tracy 

Richbourg, Scott 
St reitman . Third Row : 
James Doyle, Ignacio 

Parbero, Scott Smith. 
ourth Row: Jason 
Miller, Steven 

Mendenhall, Jon Por- 
ter, and Clay Hoffman. 

Not pictured: Pete 

Behind these sweet smiles, are real 
mean R.A.s who aren' t * afraid to 
write you up anytime. (Unless, of 
course, there's something in it for 
them! ) 

No, we're not JUST the Southwestern 
version of the American Gladiators, 
we're the S.A.s of West Side, and 
we're tough! 


The Southwestern Literary Magazine offers students an opportunity tc 
publish their creative endeavors and encourages students to be creative 

Members include: (L to R) Anya Darrow, Barbara Kearley, David Runnels, 
and Jenna Heller. 


The Megaphone is a weekly newspaper which seeks to present announcements 
of coming events, report the news of happenings in the different phases 
of University activity, furnish students and teachers a democratic medium 
of expression on University problems, and provide students with an 
opportunity to express their writing talent. 

Members are: (L to R) Trey 
Gerfers, Features Ed.; Sarah 
Nelson, Reporter; Vickie 
Rawlins, Commentary Ed. ; Monica 
Maldonado, Reporter; Cheri 
Woodhull, Editor; Jenna Heller, 
News Editor; Rachel Romero, 
Typist; and Josh Russell, 
Photographer . 

Not pictured: Leah Quin, Arts 
Ed.; Spencer Skelley, Sports 
Ed.; Steve Mendenhall, Assistant 
Ed.; KimCrowder, Photographer; 
Jennie McGrath, Photographer; 
and Sandy Brown, Ad manager. 



n he Sou'wester is the Southwestern University yearbook. It is a pctorial 
record of the college year including extracurricular and academic pursuits . 

(L to R) Rosa Escobar , Edit or ; Caroline 
Gonzalez , Staff ; and Perla Bermundez , Photographer . 

Rosa goes a "little" crazy during 
deadlines . 

Perla loves to crop 
pictures . 

Yes, Caroline is 
multi-talented . 


Delta Qmicron is an international professional music fraternity for person, 
in the field of music. 

Members include: (L to R) 
Front Row: Heather Hull, 
Mia Fairchild, Marisa 
Zapata, Michele Weselman, 
Andrew Decker, and Rebecca 
Dotts. Middle Row: Lisa 
Flores, Lea Graham, Kate 
Eliason, Jason Geistweidt, 
Julie Horton, Robert 
Linhart, and Kayla Simons. 
Back Row: Kelli Newcomer, 
Lauren Cox, Melanie 
Hotchkiss, Rob Phillips, 
David Martin, Mark Kolber, 
Matt Ridings and Brian 
Coughlin . 


liMte " 



ST* s ^^ m *//y.jfj^p ^ y 

*^^^^Bfil^Vimr K^-^K 


HB^j : ''l^fli 

j / — 

■ * /*IK<Ni 4a 

1 V # m-* 

jKSj^-' if ^ 



' ... ■ 

The Southwestern 
University Cho- 
rale is the major 
concert choir 
which tours the 
state each spring 
and is open to all 
students through 
auditions . 

The Company is a performing group that promotes the study and performance 
of American musical theater on campus. It is run in conjunction with the 
theater department . 



Members are: (L to R) Donald Strickland, Amy Blake, Spencer Thompson, 
Brian Coughlin, Peter Hassinger, Robert Linhart, Cynthia Creekmore, Jason 
Phillips, Heather Hancock, Leah Quin, and Darien Kubik. 


The Stage Band is an integral part of the Symphonic Band providing 
experience in pop and jazz. 

Members are: 

Kevin Blouin 
Brian Jackson 
Amanda Sheffield 
John Streitman 
Stephanie Swafford 
John Benoit 
Craig Garrett 
Ken Hanel 
Curtis Trompler 
Craig Hobbs 
Leslie Williams 
Okan Demirman 
PIANO-Erin Manning 
BASS-John Akin 
DRUMS-Peter Villemain 


The Southwestern chamber Orchestra is an orchestra open to all student 
as well as faculty and townspeople. 

Members are: 

Anna Choi 
Rebecca Dotts 
Mia Fairchild 
Julie Niemiec 
Eric Shafer 
Claire Smith 
Gem-Ann Regan 
Jo Ann Elliott 
Denise Deaton 
Elizabeth Hill 
Heather Hull 
Brandi Mattson 
Naomi Nakasishi 
Laura Tapper 


Lea Graham 

Heather Bishop 

Doris Penick 


Kate Eliassen 

Linda Davis 

Kristin Epley 

Barrett Sills 

Scott Smith 


Melanie Hotchkiss 

Heather Hughes 

Sonal Soni 


Lana Neal 

Jenny Moore 


Heather Carter 

Barrett Sills 


Bob Horick 


Deanna Welborn 

Jill Fariss 


Okan Demirmen 


Scott Durkin 

Misty Karin 



l \The Symphonic Band is a concert and touring ensemble open to all students 

Members include: 


Kevin Blouin 

Catherine Brush 

Michele Clements 

Kristyn Weaver 


Teresa Welborn 
Amanda George 
Vic Biggerstaff 
Heather Carter 
Christopher Maurer 
Leslie Sommer 
Allison Evans 


Kristin Cronenberg 
Brian Jackson 
John Streitman 
Jennifer Francis 
Craig Hobbs 
Leslie Williams 
Jill Farris 
Rodney Mayerhoff 
Nicole Reed 


Lane Duncan 
Craig Garrett 
Joseph Rubin 
Curtis Trompler 
Jason Geistweidt 
Darrell Shed 

Bryan Clardy 
Alvin Jackson 
Beth Taylor 
Robbie Dodd 
Scott Durkin 
Julie Horton 
Matt Lowry 
Pete Villemain 


Mask & Wig is the 
group responsible for 
the dramatic produc- 
tions during the year. 
This year, the Mask & 
Wig Theatre Season 
included Bus Stop . The 
Lady Fro m May? m<? (with 
guest artist Eddie 
Mekka-Carmine on 
Laverne & Shirley j , 
Guys and Dolls, and A 
Texas P r> 7 f Way | 

The cast of The Lady From Maxims ends their per- 
formance with a comedic encore. 

It's not all acting! 
The technical part of 
theatre is just as 
important to know. 


Left : Darien Kubik 
and Jason Phillips 
in Bus Stop . 

Although very busy, Mask & Wig 
players had time to participate 
in Sing. 

The Shrimp, Missy Delay, flirts 
with the General, Eddie Mekka, 
in The Lady From Maxims . 

Right: Dor- 
othy Caldwell 
Che rie, a 
chant euse, in 
Bus Stop . 

Above: Eric Mason, Scott 
Cox, and Robert Linhart in 
The Lady From Maxims . 


_ i _^_ 

Once again, the 
Shrimp, Missy 
Delay, strikes 
again . This 
time, she tries 
to seduce Dr. 
Petypon, Scott 
Cox, in The 
Lady From Max- 
ims . 



(L to R) : Rebbeca Dotts, Julie Greig, Brenda Gray, Kelli 
Holloway, Holly Tieman, and Sherry Gutman 


Top Row: Jeromy Field, William Bowman, Luke Swift, Patrick 
Lorenz, Steven McKay, Jay Whidaer. Bottom Row: Natt Blakeless, 
Brent Metschan, Christian Casson and Tony King. 

Left: Dave Newell sweetly smiles 
and says, "Of course all of our boys 
have morals . " 


First Row: (L to R) Susan Heibert, Maria Gil, Amy Briscoe, Kathy Zych, Martha Fillmore, 
Karen Helmers, Lisa Abell, Dana Wagner, Denise Lee, Kelly Whidbee, Gay Normand. 
Second Row: (L to R) Leslie Williams, Stacie Gensler, Shani Lemons, Lolita Trevino, 
Maria Avalos, Jessica Cuevas, Lisa Plowman, Brigette Browning, Trinh Nguyen, 
Catherine Corovessis, Linda Altamirano, Carrie Lemens, Christine Kettle, Kim Massey, 
Kathy Miller, Diana McQuillan, Laura Phillips . Third Row: (L to R) Holly Tieman, Becky 
Redland, Laura House, Jenny Schmitz, Staci Kasper, Andrea Johnson, Aimee Estep, Sara 
Buckner, Erin Manning, Kate Eliassen, Brenda Gray, Sandra Cook, Sheana Dempsey, Devon 
Leoffler, Kathy Tyrrasch, Tracy Ferguson, Julie Picht, Heidi Schneider. 

The ADPi's put on a charming show 
during Homecoming SING. 


Che ADPi's Championship during Laura and Christine are ready to 
[ntramural softball. Front (L to R) "trick-or-treat ." This time, they're 
lathy, Kelly, Laura , Maria, Maria, doing it Texas-style. 
3ack: Heidi, Staci, Diana, Kate, 
\ndrea, Lisa, and Kristin. 


These ADPi cuties stop and 
take a picture before the 
SING performance. Front: (L 
to R) Andrea, Tracy, 
Christine and Heidi. Back: 
Jennifer, Aimee, Gay and 
Sandra . 

Okay, girls, what do we do now? 
smile ! 


It's a bonding experience 
for Catherine, KimahdKathy. 


First Row: (L to R) Erin Coad, Cadie Fisher, Alyssa Perz, Kristi McCann, Cullen Clark, 
Beth Allison, Margaret Reilly, Julie Greig, Cindy Creekmore, Catherine Stokes, 
Melanie Bryce. SecondRow: (L to R) Ginger Gaines, Pebble Brockette, Jennifer Harper, 
Suzanne Capps, Martha Blackwell, Amy Uselton, Netta O'Neal, Katie Hamilton, Heather 
Honig, Mamie Foster, Debbie Smith, Emily Werlein, Rosa Escobar, Amy Morris, Kelli 
Holloway, Susanna Westbrook . Third Row: (L to R) Janie Arwine, Juli Stevens, Paige 
Bonner, Katie Shull, Casi Chamberlain, Regan Hardin, Meghan Carroll, Jennifer Yeoman, 
Lisa Smith, Jennifer Greifenkamp, Lara McNelly, Jennifer Allen, Angie Watson, Nicole 
Peffer, Elise Eustace. 

Sing your hearts out, ladies. Just act like 
you ' re on BROADWAY ! 


:il and Rosa have a Lara, Casi, and Tammy needed a little help 
rreat time at DDD Formal, dressing for the mixer. 

Amy, Cadie, Debbie, & Mel have a lot of Look, no pants! Setting a new 
.fun when they're together. trend: wrap-around shirts. . 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

First Row: (L to R) Beth Herttenberger , Ann Preis, Ellen Stewart, Alison Gollsby, Amy McDaniel, 
Chana Moses, Dana Davis, Bonnie Havron, Dora Nemeth, Kelli Evilsizer. Second Row: (L to R) Lis; 
Jacob, Mia Fairchild, Jennie McGrath, Beth Oltremari, Mary Monell, Grace Espino, Laura Lee Utz, 
Julie Otto, Heather Richardson, Laura Ann Ayers, Ashlie Stiegler, Rebecca Dotts, Lorella Flores, 
Heather Bishop, Lisa Kay. Third Row: (L to R) Dana Hansen, Margaret Baudat, Leslie Wright, Lar; 
Price, Heather Hart, Crystal Church, Sarah Yarbrough, Dorothy Caldwell, Kim Long, Jennifer Wilson, 
Julie Leonard, Monica Diaz, Tracy Richbourg, Jennifer Harris, Sandy Brown, Cheri Woodhull, Marcic 
Pannabecker. Fourth Row: (L to R) General Advisor Michele Mouka, Kyla Lawson, Verlinda Thompson, 
Cathy Ahorn, Kristin Kennedy, Kim Ratliff, Kenda Jameson, Kris Olsta, Jenn Lott, Jennifer Fangue , 

Forget the tube, the Zetas performed ZTV 
live in Alma Thomas Theatre during SING. 


Jandy, Lorella and Alison represent the 
;etas at the Organization's Fair. 

Beth, Suzanne, Margaret and 
Laura Ann try to motivate each 
other. Unfortunately it 
doesn't seem to be working. 

Sisterly love as portrayed by 
Srace, Jennifer, Amy, Chana, Tracey 
and Kim. 

and Laura Ann and Ashley 

Zetas celebrate Sisterhood Week 

Lorella, Heather and 
Marcia show that they 
can do several things at 
the same time. 

Kappa Alpha 

Row One: (L To R) Marc Ledet, Mark Holmes, Tom Macaluso, Bruce Orr, Daryl 
Allen, Steve Deanda, John Stephens, Shawn James, Will Browning and Clark 
Gregg. Row Two: Tony King, Rob White, Rick Bell and Ms. Capps (Rose) . Row 
Three: Chris Dinkle, Brent Metschan, Joe Hancock, Jared Curless, Marc Meza, 
Bill Piotrowski, Robert Bryant, Julian Fertitta III, Baron Castille, Lowell 
McKelvey, David Houston, Craig Mundhenk, Chip May, Tom Kirkpatrick, Kevin 
McMahon, Jeff Casley, Christian Casson and Patrick Rork. 

Life at the KA House is just one big volleyball 
after another. Right guys? 


David, Tony, Will and Rob 
:ry to promote their 
fraternity during 
Organization's Fair. 

" So what do you think they ' re up 
to now? " 

These KA's just got through playing mud 
football (at the construction site?). 

It must have been another late night for the 
KA's before the Homeconimg Parade. 

Chip May and June Chen 


Top Row: (L to R) Willy Thoeni , Will Bailey, Matt Nartz, Scott McNinch, Jef 
Cookston, Dylan Wood, Scott Herlihy, Lee Boyle, Joe Wilson. Middle Row: John Styrsky 
Nate Blakeslee, Greg Schepens, Ho Jun Kim, Keith Doeren, Cheez, Rob Asken, Chri: 
Williams, Joe James, Leroy Gatlin, John Wallace, Kevin McKinney, Trey Gerfers 
Bottom Row: Josh Russell, Mitch King and Jason Moole. 

Not Pictured: Werson Lane. 

Left: Chris Williams looks 
cool even though the sand is 


tow many girls do you think will 
:ome over to the house after we ' re 
:hrough doing this? 

Which one of these is not like the 


Keep smiling and they won't know that we're having 

problems with the van. 

Preparing their record shattering SING performance are John 
Styrsky, Leroy Gatlin III, DJ Cheese, and Eckridge Sausage. 


Sitting: Mark Easterly, Scott Smith, Adrian Benziger, Pat Lorenz, Philip Pritchett, 
John Cohan, Will Gloor, Mike DeGuzman, Anthony Apollo . Kneeling: David Henley, Jamie 
Reeves, George Armendariz , Jason Fullmer, Philip vanBeek, Daniel Wier, Todd Calvert, 
Mark Carrillo, DanCobos, Wade Martinez , Matt Blair, Kenny Oballo, Chip Evans, Stephen 
McHaney. First Row Standing: Todd Stephens, Scott Durkin, Pete Allman, Andy Miller, 
Scott Woods, Randy Cauley, Jay Whidbee, Matt Mayhew, Michael Jordan, Alan Hamilton, 
Alan Baronoskie, Matt Ammerman, Kevin Considine, Steven McKay, Greg Rosner . Top Row: 
Paul Fitzgibbons, Biff Brannon, Brad Reagan, Paul Lacy, Paul Traeger, Mike Hansen, 
Ben Giese, David Delnero, John Doenges, Eric Wade, Monroe Giese, Steve Sullivan. 


Phi ' s & Roses rock the house 
down during University SING. Coach Smith, Jay Presley and Dr. Matt O'Neil 
(Harland Dewitt and Chip ma ke a guest appearance during SING 
Evans . ) 

and the grande finale ends the page! 


Back Row: Lewis Snell, Carter Hay, Clint Bledsoe, Tuan Nguyen, Greg Beard, Eric Timm, John Corona, 
Ben Bash, Phil Garrow, David Gritzmacher, Justin Curranings, Chris Foster, and Pete Hassinger. Middle 
Row: Fred Sype, Paul Sorraja, Pete Gosselink, Luke Swift, Robbie Phillips, Steven Mendenhall , Beth 
Allison, Mike Moran, Jamie Pasley, Mark Revis, Jeff Gossett, Jeremy Field, Jeff Kryjeski, Josh 
Fetner, Spencer Thomas, Walt Martz, Jose Arrojo, Jeff Hamm, Matt Ridings, Mark Moran, Grady Sikes, 
Praque Patel , John Pinion, and Ben Elliot. Front Row:Don Strickland, Brian Coughlin, Bobby Linhart, 
Ben Anderson, Derek Dickens , IggyBarbero, Chris Morriss , Jim Doyle, Jon McCormick, Spencer Skelley, 
Bill Bowman, George Boudreau, John Eagle, Jeff Carpenter, Marcus Quan, Chris Cadle, David Myers, 
and David Martin. 

Officers are: Bill Bowman 
(President), Carter Hay (Vice 
President) , Chris Morriss 
(Pledge Trainer) , John Eagle 
(Treasurer) , and Matt Ridings 
(Garbage Collection Manager) 

Sitting and ignoring the camera are: 
Jim Doyle, Jon McCormick and Spencer 
Skelley. Standing and looking tough: 
Iggy Barbero and Bill Bowman. 


I" Garnet and Gold" melted hearts during Sing it, Steve! Sing it 
fiomecoming Weekend. 

The Pikes and their renovated house. Forget 
repairing, we demolished it and started from 
the ground up ! 

Eric and Luke explain their fraternity to 
interested students during Organization's 

Fair . 

It must be yard duty for 

1992 Alpha Delta Pi Pledges: Top (L to 

R) Shannon Irish, Rebecca Phillips, Lee Ann 
Wheelis, Claire Smith and Jennifer Murphy. 
Middle (L to R) Annie Drusch, Michelle 
Weeks, Meredith Davis, Catherine Lopez and 
Amy Tharpe. Bottom (L to R) Alex Smith, 
Leslie Thompson, Cristin Zakielarz, Cara 
Broussard and Katrina Lindh. 

1992 Alpha Xi Delta Pledges: Bottom 
Row (L to R) Heather Watkins, Liane 
McDonald, Sonya Irani, Michelle Bryant, 
Renee Young, Amy Kizer, Liese Silverberg. 
2nd Row (L to R) Brandi Stippick, Wendi 
Hirsch, Julie Horton, Cindy Offutt, Christy 
Stephens, Dannette Smith, Beth Bossart, 
Susie Estes. 3rd Row (L to R) Debbie 
Gasser, Shana Thompson, Jennifer Miller, 
Sharon Brandt, Melanie Watkins, Lea Rhoden, 
Barbara Kearley, Amanda Hunt, May Haberle, 
Nancy McCorpin. 4th Row (L to R) Heather 
Pfaff, Cathy Syverson, Nicole Roe, Sara 
Alvis, Cathy Clifton, Katie Oaks, Renata 

1992 Kappa Alpha Pledges: Top Row (L to 

R) Al Taxis, Tom Oley, Eric Holmes, and Austin 
Cowder. Bottom Row (L to R) Lee Howard, 
Scott Pauise and Joseph Powell. Not Pictured : 
John Payne. 

1992 Kappa Sigma Pledges: (L to R) 

Jonathan Zercher, Jeff Succop, John Mash, 
Joel Stone, Alan Haworth, and Marshal 


1992 Phi Delta Theta Pledges: Bottom 
Row (L to R) Dave Dent, Tony White, Sean 
Allen, Greg Vance, Mike Miller. Middle Row 
(L to R) Marcus Fleming, Chris Considin, 
[amey Smith, Lee Resselman, Mark Mclnroy, 
Mark Hamilton, Jeff Gentil. Top Row (L to 
R) Malcom Cogan, David Fisher, Mike 
Strippoli, Gray Hardaway, Charley Schmidt, 
Charles Gardner, Max Weber. 

1992 Pi Kappa Alpha Pledges: Bottom 
(L to R) Sergio Buentello, Michael Morris, 
Luis Barbero, Chris Belila, Cullen Hay, David 
Johnson, George Cruz. Middle (L to R) Andy 
Welch, Kevin Waggoner, Shawn Laney, Brian 
Goolsby, Scott Curtis, Eric Shafer, Jeff 
Schadler, John Barnes. Top (L to R) Dennis 
Moore, Chris Fike, John Streitman, Kent 
Kistler, John Mark Church, Clay W. Andrew, 
Blaine Mason, Jimmy Guest, Andrew Winn. 

1992 Delta Delta Delta Pledges: First 
Row (L to R) Stacy Miles, Charlotte 
Massey, Melissa Worrich, Juliana Fleming, 
Lynn Costlow, Meredith Gaffney, Amanda 
George. Second Row (L to R) Jill Brannon, 
Claudia Thompson, Jill Seeber, Lynette 
Eleuterius, Anne Nagelkirk, Randi Sutton, 

1992 Zeta Tau Alpha Pledges: First 
Row (L to R) Christine Ellinger, Dee Ann 
Fike, Josie Ramires. Second Row (L to R) 

Lily Diaz, Aimee Bye, Robin Dutton, Leilani 
Lyerly, Christy Rojo. Third Row (L to R) 
Jodie Rappe, Amanda Sheffield, Heather 
Hull, Alison Potter, Blaire Pollard. Fourth 
Row (L to R) Samantha Reinhart, Julie 
Hoyt, Gina Nevils, Ann Fikes, Lisa Freeman. 


v, ■ 


,-■■-'!*•; ' 

•'# } 

■ 'i"y ■ ; 

: '%,' - 

■■'■ ,V *i^ < 


fi ^ 

''-.!-' < 

v v 

>8l £ " 

r . t\~ ■' . *J.'.-i 

/ v> 

■".'?■,-. ■■>'--■. . 


'& ; 

*a/ W I-.! 





->^<;if \ 


•;: : m 



1 « ' '. 





Three men catching some rays & having fun. 

The coolest gal at the Pirate's Cove. 

Provost and Dean of Faculty 
Michael R. Rosenthal 

President Roy B. Shilling 

Norma Aquirre Pres. and 
Francie Shroeder-Admin. Asst. to Pres. 

■j i 1 

M 1 

i -A 

P ■ 

P^£^2 1 

C^ ^ 





Susan Mitchell-Provost Office/Sn. Sec.;Doris Proctor- 
School of Fine Arts /Exec. Sec.;Debbie L. Bean-Provost 
Office /Exec. Sec.;Barbara Taylor Sappington-Support 
Services/Exec. Sec.;Kathryn Morgan Buchhorn- 
Provost Office/Exec. Sec.;Faye Graham Johnson- 
Provost Office/Sn. Exec. Sec. 

Director Institutional Research William B. Jones and 
Janet Baxter-Hale, Exec. Sec. 


K. Patterson-Sn. Clk.;R. Goodrich-Asst. Dir. of Alumni & Parent 
Relat.;L. Moore-Exec. Sec.;X. Koonce-Sn. Clk.; M. Molitorisz-V.P. for 
I Univ. Relat.;J. Nowlin-Mgr. of Constituent Info.;R. Hyatt-Dir. of 
| Univ. Relat.; K. Williams -Assoc. V.P. for Univ. Relat. & Dir. of 
Alumni Relat.; L. Smith-Editorial Asst.;D. Yoxall-Dir. of Pub. 

Stacy Flood- Asst. to Fin. Aid; Debbie 
Sanderfer-Exec. Sec. Not Pictured: Sonje 
B. Johnson-Director 

K.M. Todd-Sn.Sec;J.F. Hester-Recorder; G. 
Brightwell-Regr. & Assoc. Dean;C. Taylor-Clerk 

R. Rasmussen-Coor. of the Learning Asst. Program/ 
Staff Psychologist^. Bost-Dir. of Counseling Services;K. 
Layman-Intern;K.W. Kupfer-Asst. to Director of Career 
Services;J. Goodman-Dir. of Career Services;S. Guyton- 
Dir. Health Services;S. Hehman-Sn. Sec. 

Dean of Students Roger A. Ballou and 
Chris Pickard-Exec. Sec. 

Dir. of Stu. Acts, and Summer D - A Y ers / L. Bryce, J.D. Buchanan, H. D. Knauth, T. Jones, L. 

Conferences Tracy Bonday-deLeon Langowski, J. LePage, F.L. Loehr 

B. Feldman-Asst. Dean ofAcad.Sev. 

T.P. Mohre, M.G. Rossman, J.W.Lind- 
V.P. for Admis., A.L. Jones, J.Gaeta 

B.T. Thomas, K. Purdy, E.G. Hubble, 
B.J. Turner-Admis. See's. 


G. Washington-Dir. of Multi-cultural 
Affiars & L. Hopper-Exec. Sec. 

L.R. Born-Dir. of Donor InfoJ.M. Hooker-Dir. of Major Gifts & 
Planned Giving;K. Christlieb-Asst. Dir. of Major Gifts;W. Lake- 
Research Asst.;R.B. Eason-V.P. for Dev.;B. McDonald- 
Sn.Exec.Sec.;A. Stout-Sn. Clerk 

D. Bryant-V.P. for iscal Affiars and D. Sprock -Sn. Exec. Sec. 

L. Morris-Personnel Asst.;A. Avellar- 
Dir. of Hum. Res.;J. Sinclair-Exec. Sec. 

R.L. Anderson-Compt.;B.G. Knauth-Dir. of Acct.;C.H. Fagg- 
Clk.;E.T. Jacobs-Sn. Clk.J. Moran-Sn Sec./Clk.;V. Childs-Purch. 
Dir.J.J. Puskarich-Exec. Clk.;L. Kasper-Sn.Clk. 

Back to Front L to R:D. Smith, B. Fleming, J. Flores, C. Scott, L. Pena, A. Jenkins, C. Gibbs, S. Wooten, K. 
Woodfin, R. Kerr, P. Maulding. M. Muniz, D. Tunsky, M. Fleming, C. Rosipal, J. Horton, A. Houseton, E. 
Smelser, P. Mullins. H. Floiano, C. Spears, V. Homeyer, F. Navarrette. 

Bookstore: L. Connell, A. Exley, J. Murphy, E. 
Sheppard, K. Chambers 

Pirate's Cove: D. Garza, B. Franco, H. Freeman 

Post Office: F. Hubbard, V. Mueller, K. Chambers 


C.A. Gutman- Assoc. Dean of Std.;D.W. 
JNewell-Asst. Dean of Std./Res. Life;L. 
Hopper-Sec. Not Pictured:J. Woody-J.C. 
/Res. Life. 

Musuem: A. Cardenas,E. Lundblod,A- Phillips,L. Custer,E. 
Weir,P. Steelman,E. Steelman,E Waller,A. Osborn,B. Brown,D. 
Roeder J. Custer,B. Swift. Not Pictured:H. Kassen 

T. Bickers-Chief of Police & J. Trefftzs 

K. Stallard-Archivist/Spec. Coll.;A.Jones-Recpt.;0. Solis-Spec. 
Coll.;N. Assadourian-Hd. Spec. Coll.;A. McCollough- 
Hd.Periodicals;B. Sigala-Sec;D. Flummer- Acquisitions/ 
Cat.;J.Low-Audiovisual;J. Holliday-Circul.; L. Collings-Cat.;K. 
Stone- Asst. Cat/Archives;S. Eason-Ref.;L.Brody-Dir.;D. 
Barmekow-Coor. Coll. Dev.;D. Kramer-Hd. Acquisitions;}. 
Parks-Hd. Ref.; 

D.M. Caraway & E.H. Klawunn-Officers 



ff di\ 

IFf if ^' I 

5 • , : 



*■ ! 

:' / 


Vanity, thy name is Snell. 

HALT! Who goes there? 

Is it bath time, yet? 

I told you they're weird students. 

Who's the professor? 

He dresses ugly! 

So how can we weed out these freshman? 

Dr. D. Gaines 


Ms. K. Adams 

Ms. M. Bohm 

Dr. D. Ellis 


Ms. C. Friend 


Dr T. W. Haskell 


Dr. W. Herbert 


Ms. H . Meyers 


Dr. G. Carl 

Foreign Languages 

Dr. S. Chamier 

Foreign Languages 

Mr. P. Donley 

Foreign Languages 

Ms. M. Salas 
Foreign Languages 

Dr. J. Molitorisz 

Foreign Languages 

Dr. E. Phillips 

Foreign Languages 

Dr. S. Riquelme 

Foreign Languages 

Dr. J. Torres-Pou 

Foreign Languages 


j Dr.H.Unlu 

Foreign Languages 

Dr. M. Allen 

Dr. W. Crowley 

Dr. S. Davidson 

Dr. J. Dawson 

Dr. W. T. Hanes 

Dr. F. Snell 

Dr. T. Blackburn 

Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. W. Davis 
Religion & Philosophy 

Ms. T. Norman 
Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. J. Score 

Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. N. Spellmann 
Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. G. Washington 

Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. J. Purdy 


Dr. D. Hooker 


Dr. J.Muir-Broaddus 


Dr. R. Reinehr 


Dr. L. Gieseke 

Chair/Eco. & Business 

Dr. G. Brightwell 

Economics & Business 

Dr. B. J. Colwell 

Economics & Business 

Dr. J. Delaney 

Economics & Business 

Mr. R. Pursley 

Economics & Business 

Dr. K. Roberts 

Economics & Business 

Dr. F. Sellers 

Economics & Business 

Dr. M. Young 

Economics & Business 

Dr. W. Sikes 
Chair /Education 

Dr. K. Fad 


Dr. B. Fullingim 


Dr. P. Pryor 


Dr. R. Clay 


Dr. J. Mallon 


Dr. G. Munt 



Dr. F. Gould 

Chair/Political Science 

Dr. V . Hammond 
Political Science 

Dr. P. Conge 

Political Science 

Dr. T. O'Neill 
Political Science 

Ms. T. Tynes 
Political Science 

Dr. D. Hilliard 


Dr. J. Cotter 


Dr. E. Kain 


Ms. M. Lowe 

Dr, G. K. Neville 

Dr. R. Morgan 

Dr. S. Brown 


Dr. G. Garcia 


Dr. H. Jacob 


Dr. R. Soulen 

Chair /Chemistry 

Dr. A. Berning 

Dr. F. Hilgeman 


Dr. E. Lansford 


Dr. J. Russ 


Dr. R. Denman 

Math & Computer Science 

Dr. L. Lightsey 

Math & Computer Science 

Mr. H. Eidson 

Math & Computer Science 

Dr. D. Naumann 

Math & Computer Science 

Dr. W. Potter 

Math & Computer Science ggp 

Dr. K. Richards %1 || 

Math & Computer Science 

Dr. T. Shelton 

Math & Computer Science 

Mr. T. Wheeler 

Math & Computer Science 

Dr. R. Roeder 


Dr. S. Mitra 


Dr. W. O'Brien 


Dr. T. Howe 


Ms. V. Star Varner 



Dr. K. Sheppard 


Ms. A. Choi 

Ms. F. Johnson 


Mr. S. Ketukkaenchan 

Dr. C. Lee 


Dr. E. Peterson 


I Mr. R. Schroeder 
I Music 

Dr. H. Shen 

Mr. B. Sills 

Mr. J. Benoit 


Dr. R. J. Hossalla 

Chair /Theatre & Comm. 

I Mr. K. Juhl 
Theatre & Comm. 

Dr. G. McClish 

Theatre & Comm. 

Mr. S. L. Yardley 

Theatre & Comm. 


'W^WKfWtfcurwmsiiM,. ^a 



Eric Adams 
Phoenix, AZ 

Adwoa Aduonum 

Evanston, IL 


! ' /; >Wv :: ' 



1 / 






Anthony Apollo 
Houston, TX 

Maria Avalos 


Seguin, TX 

Gene Albin 

Houston, TX 

Clay Andrew 


Allen, TX 

Laura Ann Ayers 

Amer. Stu.-SO 

Houston, TX 

Dean M . Baker 
Austin, TX 

Luis Barbero 

Account ing-FR 

Dallas, TX 

Alan Baronoskie 
Houston, TX 

Beryl Bailey 

Psych. /Eng.-FR 

Houston, TX 

Michael Bailey 
Phoenix, AZ 

Anne Baumgartner 


Houston, TX 

Linda Bednar 


Houston, TX 

Be j amin 


His/Pol. S 

ci . 










Margaret Baudat 

Pol. Science-SO 


Chris Belila 
Pol.Sci. /Eco-FR 
Brownsville, TX 







^■K ** 



Perl a Bermunde: 
Alpine, TX 









Paso,TX ; 

George Cruz 

■",;»"< i'Aj 

B j ourn deMander 

Int. Stu.-SO 


Liliana Diaz 
Houston, TX 

Rachel Davis 
Austin, TX 

Bill Dean 

Casey Dillard 

Kristin Cronenberg 


Brownwood, TX 

Kenneth Dawes 


Fort Worth, TX 

Andrew Decker 

Music Ed. -SO 

Italy, TX 

Daniel Dodd-Ellis 

Pol. Sci.-FR 

El Paso,TX 

Brian Cronin 


Houston, TX 

Michael deGuzman 


Hurst, TX 

Dave Dent 


Hillsboro, TX 

Pam Drawe 



Brian Crooks 

Comm. /Bus . -FR 

Austin, TX 

Marissa deLeon 

C.S. & L.D.-SN 

Mission, TX 

Christina Diaz 

Comm. -JR 

Corpus Christi,TX[ 

Lane Duncan 
Psycho logy-FR 
San Antonio, TX 


Jeffrey Durbin 

London, England 

Justin Eagle 

Account ing-JR 


Lynette Eleuterius 


San Antonio, TX 

Kate Eliassen 

JoAnn Elliott 

Music Ed.-FR 

Bryan, TX 

Michael Ellis 

Comm. -JR 

Houston, TX 



Christine Ellinger 
Uvalde, TX 

Kristin Epley 

Tracy Evans 

Bus . /Eco. -JR 

Linden, TX 

Elise Eustace 

Comm. -SO 

El Paso,TX 

Jennifer Fangue 

Pol. Sci.-SO 

Houston, TX 

Anne Fikes 
Cameron, TX 

Deborah Fisher 


Piano, TX 

Catherine Flatten 

C.S. & L.D.-FR 

Beaumont , TX 

Rosa M. Escobar 


Clint, TX 

Grace Espino 

Tracy Ferguson 

Bus . /Comm. -JR 

Marietta, GA 

DeeAnn Fike 

Priscilla Flores 

Comm. /Psych. -FR 

Irving, TX 

Cynthia Flores 

Psych. /Span. -SO 


Lisa Flores 


San Antonio, TX 

Enrique Garcia 
El Paso,TX 

Kimberly Goldsmith 


Alvin, TX 

Debbie Gasser 

Account ing-JR 

Piano, TX 

Melissa Gonzales 


San Angelo,TX 

Brad Francis 
Undecided- FR 
Honolulu, HI 

Carrie George 
Psycho logy- JR 
San Antonio, TX 



-'■■■ ? ^IBMI 




Economics -JR 



Mike Fuller 

Comm. -JR 
Sugarland, TX 

Marjorie Gibson 



Lisa Green 


Chicago, IL 

Shannon Grounds 

San Antonio, TX 

Sandra V. Galindo 

Accounting- SO 

Austin, TX 

Brett Ginsburg 

Comp. Science-FR 

San Marcos , TX 

Sybel Griggs 

His. /Pol. Sci.-FR 

Bastrop, TX 

Mark Hamilton 


Llano, TX 


Regan Hardin 

Jennifer Heller 

Comm. -JR 

Houston, TX 

Christopher Hooper 

John Eric Holmes 


Dallas , TX 








'9% 1 

John Harding 

Account ing-FR 

Houston, TX 

L Hardy 

Deidre Harrell 

Int. Studies-SO 

Denton, TX 

Spencer Herrrera 

Int. Studies-FR 

Houston, TX 

Elizabeth Hill 
Ac counting -SO 
New Orleans , LA 

Jackie Hornbeck 

C.S. & L.D.-SO 

Bryan, TX 

Stephanie Holland 
Psycho logy -SO 
Round Rock,T: 

Marrit Howard 
Houston, TX 

Amanda Hunt 
Houston, TX 

Heather Hull 

Sociology/Comm. -SO 

El Paso,TX 

Dana Hutchins 
Converse, TX 

Laura Hut to 
Pol. Sci.-JR 
LaMarque, TX 

Lisa Jacob 
Kingwood, TX 

Shelia Kandeler 


Dallas , TX 

Evan Kelly 


Houston, TX 

Brian Jackson 

Int. Studies-FR 

New Braunfels,TX 

Misty Karin 


Dallas, TX 

•>rf • 









Andrea Johnson 

C.S. & L.D.-JR 


Staci Kasper 

Ani . Behavior-JR 

Walburg , TX 

Yukiko Inaba 
Undecided-E. S . 
Mat suyama , Japan 

David Johnson 
Houston, TX 

Vashti Kaufman 


Austin, TX 

Debbie Kirk 

Christine Kettle 

Pol. Sci.-JR 

Spring, TX 

Hannah Inselmann 

C.S & L.D/Psych.-FR 


Gillian Johnson 

Int. Studies-FR 

San Angel o , TX 

Barbara Kearley 

Int. Studies-JR 

Corpus Christ i,TX 

Kristin Klema 

C. S. & L.D. -FR 

Austin, TX 


Mark Kolber 

Comm. -JR 
Houston, TX 

Studio Art-FR 
Indianapolis , IN 

Charles Koutras 

His. /Pol.Sci.-SO 

Dallas , TX 

Rachel Kunath 

San Angelo,TX 

Katrina Lindh 
Dallas, TX 

Shawn Laney 


Austin, TX 

Michael Lohr 

Eco./Pol. Sci.-FR 

Lewisville, TX 

Jennifer Lott 

Comm. /French-JR 

Houston, TX 

Catherine Lopes 


Houston, TX 

Amy Marshall 


Piano, TX 

Eric Mason 

Theatre/Eng. -JR 


Brandi Mattson 


Pueblo, TX 


■H 4H^ 


^^^. " M 








jflHK&r "^ 

^m * 


HjK f*" 7 


Jennifer McGrath 





Michelle Mesen 

Int . Stu. /Fre. -FR 


Regina Mitchell 
Math/Bus. -SO 
Arlingt on , TX 

Mark Meza 
Dallas, TX 


^P £Z 









Mark Mclnroy 


Austin, TX 


Steve Mendenhall 

His . /Comm. -JR 

Houston, TX 

Andy Miller 


Houston, TX 

Jason Miller 


Lake Dallas, TX 

Jennifer Murphy 


Richland Hills, TX 

David Myers 


Bridge City,TX 


, -- > 

----- * t- - ' 

Michael Morris 
Eco./Pol. Sci.-FR 

Signe Mull ins 
Pol. Sci.-JR 
Freeport , TX 

Anne Nagelkirk 

San Antonio, TX 

Sarah E. Nelson 
His . /French-FR 
Lake Char 1 e s , LA 

Amber Newkirk 


San Antonio, TX 


Huong-Trinh Nguyen 
Houston, TX 

Tuan Nguyen 

Bus . /Coiran. -JR 

Houston, TX 

Cathryn Oakes 
Bedford, TX 

Karen Oandasan 

Lake Jackson, TX 

Netta ' Neal 

Comm. -SO 

Copperas Cove,TX 

Neda Or en 

I.Stu. /Pol.Sci . -SR 

Blanco, TX 

Julie Niemiec 
San Marcos , TX 

Brett Nurbraten 
Pol.Sci. /Eco.-JR 

Houston, TX 



* lfc. ^^ 

«, > 




> <9H2i 

W / 











Julie Oxford 

Psychology- SO 




Bus. /Pol 



Port Ar 




, • ""■*' 





Sofia Perches 

Accounting -SO 

El Paso,TX 

Ann Perea 


San Marcos , TX 






de Chile 



Randy Philips 
Houston, TX 

Heather Pfaff 

Bio. /German-FR 


Jeff Nye 

Int. Studies-FR 


Amy O'Neal 
El Campo , TX 

Kerri Pearson 
Humble, TX 

Rebecca Phillips 

Lake Jackson, TX 


~» * 


. » 



Robert PI 

lillips, JR 

i Music 

Ed.-Jr ! 

j League 


Jon Porter 

Int .Stu/Pol.Sci-JR 

Flower Mound, TX 

Suzanne Ramsey 


Houston, TX 

Tobias Pischel 
Eng. /Bio. -E.S. 
Oesede , Germany 

Lisa Plowman 
Socio . /Span . -Jr 

Alison Potter 


Humble, TX 


w* - 

». 1 HE 

. 7 



'/ .._„/:•, ./. ' 




| Trophy 


Laura Poeck 


New Braunfels,TX 








ML«fc ^ 


% "' 


Josie Ramirez 
Pol. Sci.-FR 
Edinburg, TX 

Becky Redland 
Comm. -JR 

Gem-Ann Reagan 
Amarillo, TX 

"? "■* 


**. * 



*w "•*§? 








TX \ 

Margaret Richmond 

Eng. /Ed. -JR 

San Antonio, TX 

Christina Rojo 

Comm. -SO 

Alpine, TX 


Erika Ruppel 

Psycho logy -SO 

Beaumont , TX 

i J 

Jawad Sarwana 


Karachi , Pakistan 

Jennifer Schmitz 

Ac counting -SO 

Sugar land, TX 

Eric Shafer 


Jichita Falls, TX 

Heidi Schneider 

Int. Studies- 


Houston, TX 



M ' ft. 


&A * <r ** T 





WWbw>> .' • 


■'*' «* 




Psycho logy-FR 

) Wa 

20, TX 

Helen Sharkey 
Account ing-JR 

Frederic Seip 


Corpus Christi,T)< 

Laura Sewell 

Thea. /Co.Sci . -FR 

Dallas, TX 

Lee Silva 


Piano, TX 

Amanda Sheffield 
Pol.Sci. /Comm.-FF 

Tnmrinll TX 

Liese Silverberg 
Boxborough , MA 

Carrie Simmons 

Int. Studies-FR 

Houston, TX 

Scott Smith 



"# r ^ 














Jeff Succop 

Bio. /Chem. -FR 

Houston, TX 

Erin Skelley 

Bus . /Kines. -SO 

Houston, TX 

Lewis Snell 
Lampasas , TX 

Ashley Stiegler 
Dallas, TX 

Randi Sutton 

Pol . Sci . -FR 

Weatherford, TX 

Claire Smith 


Victoria, TX 

Margaret Soderholt 


Victoria, TX 

Andrea Stigdon 
Georgetown, TX 

Stephanie Swafford 

Bio. /Chem. -JR 


Dannette Smith 

San Antonio, TX 

Pete Stellman 


Port Lavaca, TX 

Cathy Syverson 
Dunf ries , VA 

Debbie Smith 

C.S. & L.D.-SO 


Christy Stephens 

Int. Studies-FR 


Mike C. Strippoli 


Garland, TX 

Alex Tackman 
Glenwood, NM 


Pamela Tamez 


'orpus Christi,TX 

Claudia Thompson 


Dallas, TX 

Erin Tobola 


Houston, TX 

Tasha Tell 


Watauga, TX 

Leslie Thompson 

:orpus Christi,TX 

Betsy Torres 
Account ing-FR 
San Angelo,TX 

Jenny Terry 
Psycho logy -FR 

Austin, TX 

Robert Thompson 
Austin, TX 


,3* • » 



■ ! 







Austin r TX 

Traci Trotti 

Psychol ogy-FR 

Kingwood, TX 

Amy Uselton 

C.S. & L.D.-SO 

Dallas, TX 

A jay Thomas 

Pol. Sci./Eco.-SO 

Seattle, Wash. 

Spencer Thompson 

Coram. -SO 

Houston, TX 

Lolita Trevino 

Pre-Engin. -JR 


Dee Dee Thomas 

Comm. -JR 
Bakersf ield, CA 

Holly Tiemann 

Chem. /Math-SO 

Lake Jackson, TX 

Tim Trevino 

Pol .Sci . /Span. -JR 


Greg Vance 
Chem. /Bio.-FR 

Katv , TX 

Stephanie Wats 
Ossingny, NY 

Kristyn Weaver 


Houston, TX 

Jeannie Weddle 
Houston, TX 

Robin K. Weinburgh 
Psycho logy- JR 

Lee Ann Wheelis 
Brownwood, TX 











Teresa Welborn 

Shauna White 

Account ing-JR 

Dallas, TX 

Troy White 


Spring, TX 

Michelle Weselmar 

Music Ed.-JR 

Spring, TX 

Patrick Wicker 
Philo. /Rel . -FR 
Carrollton, TX 

Under cl assmen 

Myrshia Woods 
Houston, TX 



Bio. /Chem. 




1 **&• 

■ & 

1 ,1 ,—J I 

'■■■■■'' '^^K% 1 


Doob - why is it you 
always seem to be smil- 

At hi ' t tic s 

It never fails, I always get the 
butterflies . 

What if I lower the net just a little 

Mickey glides swiftly through the a swan. 

Yeah, we're cool. So what? 

Ooh, in your face Baby. 

Up, up, and away. 



1991 S.U. Volleyball Team 

Top Row (L to R): Todd Stephens (manager & statistician), Constance Scott (hitter), 
Kim Ratliff (hitter), Kimberly Long (hitter), Dana Davis (hitter), Renee Mullins 
(hitter), Lisa Freeman (hitter), Alicia Gordon (hitter), Dr. Glada Munt (Head Coach). 
Bottom Row (L to R): Herry Burgess (trainer), Melissa Cathcart (setter), Julie Hoyt 
(hitter), Cathi Rivera (setter), Staci Magill (hitter/ds), DeAnn Pike (setter), Staci 
Bryan, and Grady Sikes (student assistant) 

Left: Members of the Pirate 
Volleyball Team anxiously 
watch the action on the floor. 

Volleyball (vol'i-boD n. 1) 

game played on a court by two 
opposing teams who try to hit a 
large, light ball over a high net 
with their hands, returning the 
ball before it hits the ground, 2) 
a team that has been district 
champs for six consecutive 

In 1990 Coach Glada 

Munt is inDuted into the 



- Mhtetics 

Top Left: Coach Munts 
500th Career win on Sept. 
27, 1991 in San Diego, Cal. 
Top Right: Cathi cleans up 
after a challenging play. 
Left: Cathi and Constance 
go for the block. Right: 
There they go again. Below: 
The Lady Bucs after win- 
ning the Texas Wesleyan 



Members of the 1992 Men's Basketball Team are: 
Top Row (L to R) Coach Bill Fenlon, Doston Bradley, 
Shannon Taylor, Henri de-Ybarrondo, Daryl Allen, Kenneth 
Dawes, David Delnero and Assitant Coach Steve McKinney. 
Bottom Row (L to R) David Slye, Dakau Jackson, Lewis 
Jenkins, Steve Twiley, Brad Montgomery, JJ Uribe, David 
Cox and David Houston. 

Basketball (bas'kit'bol') n. 
1) A game played by two 
teams with five players 
each who try to toss a 
large, leather-covered ball, 
into an elevated basket. 2) 
A team made up of the male 
species that awes the audi- 
ence with its exciting plays 
.and its quick players 

Top Left: Kenneth 
goes for the lay-up. 
Left: The basket- 
ball team really 
knows how to put 
on a show for the 
crowd. Buc 

- Athletics 

Top Left: Who said it couldn't be 
done. Top Right: JJ races the 
opponents down to the other side of 
the court. Left: Everyone patiently 
waits o the side lines hoping to 
play. Bottom Left: You have to be 
smooth to be on our men's 
basketball team. Bottom Right: 
Our guys see the ball loose and go 
after it!!! 


Below: Kerri looks 
for someone who's 
open. Middle Right: 
The team warms up 
before their daily 
practice. Bottom 
Right: The girls 
come out to support 
the running club. 



Members of the S.U. Women's Basketball Team are: Top Row 

(L to R) Coach Reda Clay, Tasha Tell (guard), Katie Oakes (forward), 
Kerri Pearson (forward), Wendy Blaine (post), Marjorie Gibson (post), 
and L. Hardy (forward/post). Bottom Row (L to R) Stephanie 
Takas (forward), Erin Skeiley (guard), Charlene Bulloch (guard), and 
Terri Tubbs (guard). 

- Athletics 

asha and Stephanie patiently watch on from the 

Marjorie shoots for two. 

Catie throws the ball in from half court. 

Kerri takes on a hard knock. 

Basketball (bas'kit-bol') 

n. 1) A game played by two 
teams with five players each, 
whot try to toss a large, 
leather-covere ball into an 
elevated basket. 2) A team 
that exemplifies high-energy, 
skill and coordination, and the 
talent of competing on the S.U. 

Wendy goes for the block. 


i. ; r ••**** y 


> & 

; ill mum 

HI , - * 

F 4t*S I " >» 




•*> <*m* 



... ... ■.■■■■.-^ f ,;--: -• * /SgSg 

Top Left: Mark Avery casually checks things out. 

Top Right: Baseball players have to stay in shape, 


Middle Left: It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do 


Middle Right: As a kid, I always wanted to be a 


Right: Coach Mallon waits to give his secret message 

code to the batter. 

- MfiUtics 

Baseball (bas'bol') 

n. 1) Game played with 
a rawhide-covered ball 
and a wooden bat 
between two teams of 
nine players, who must 
run through four bases 
in order to score. 2) A 
unified team made up 
of talented young men 
who are serious major 
league material. 

v^:V : V ; * : 

Top Left: Hey, Glen, you forgot your glove! 

Top Right: Eric Boyt and Wade Martinez love having 

matting practice indoors so they can try and break 

:he woofle balls. 

Middle Left: I told you not to mess with me. 

Middle Right: Batter. ..Batter. ..Swing Batter! 

Left: The baseball teams gets some practice in 

during a preseason schremage. 

Mike Fuller prepares to dive 
for the relay. 

Steal the ball. ..steal the ball. 


,1 sgm 



T7t£ Lady Bucs put in hard, long hours 
after classes. 

Now where did that cricket go? 

- MfiCetics 

.and into the net 

Coach Alexander explains 
the games strategy. 

Ashley and Steve don't want to 

miss anything on their trip to 


Hands up everyone! 

Sandra keeps a look out for all the 

Coach Munt loves her team. 

/*< -t- 1 

n s* -*■ i s\ tsi 



The 1991-92 S.U. Cheerleaders are (L to R) 

Sonya Irani, Cindy Offet, Daniel Dodd-Ellis, Renee 
Young, Kim Darden, and Sara Lucero. 

(cher'led'eer) n. 1) A 
group that stimulates 
spirit, especially during 
sports games. 2) bubbly 
and entic students who 
were not part of the Cham- 
pion Forest incident! 

Everyone say "cheese!" 

The Pirate Cheerleaders bring spirit to the 
Homecominging Parade. 

The Cheerleaders Bust a Move. 


- Athletics 


The 1991-92 Intramural Officials are: (L to R) Greg Rosman, 
Shawn Pipkin, Jason von Donk, Juan Reeves, Paul Lacey, 
Susan Timourian, and Matt Prasifka. 

Now that's the easy way to get around them 
orange fences!!! 

Love that team bonding! 

Intramurals (in'tra-myoor'al) n. 1) 

Athletics limited to the members of 
a particular college 2) a popular 
activity for competitive students, 
that provide sports such as flag 
football, softball, basketball, 
wallyball, volleyball, etc. 




Let's see if you can 
pick up this serve. 

I'm going for the fence, dude! 

• r~~ 

Scramble, guys, scramble! 

Everyone came out for the Turkey Trot. 

- Mkittics 

Baseball is as American as 
mom's apple pie. 

Even international students want to know what 
America's favorite past-time is all about. 

Here it comes, the SPIKE. 



Members of the 1991-1992 Lacrosse Club are: 1st Row (L to R) Tony 
Shafer, Steve Otillar, Tony King, Spencer Thompson, Luke Swift, Andrew Walker, 
Chris Gardner, Ben Elot, Mike Ooi. 2nd Row (L to R) Coach Monty Curtis, Ashley 
Gorhamk, Jeff Easley, Spencer Herrera, Mark Mclnroy, Augie Mendosa, Gordon Muir, 
Tom Payne, Scott Mcninch, Joe Dowell, Charles Schmidt, David Moore, Coach Stacy 
Flood. 3rd Row (L to R) Matt Amerman, Robert Welch,Marc Ledet, David Robinson 
Walter Martz, David Bryant. 

Lacrosse (la-kros') n. 1) 

Game where two teams of 
ten use long-handled rackets 
to toss a ball into the 
opponent's goal, 2) a promis- 
ing sport played at S.U. by a 
team of energetic and quick 
minded individuals. 


Practice makes perfect! 

Practices can be hectic, in 
full gear. 

- Athletics 


Soccer (sok'er) n. 

1) game with two 
teams of ten who 
try to move a ball 
either by kicking or 
bunting it with the 
head, into the 
opponent's goal, 2) 
a sports club that 
can take on the 
Argentina teams 
and be victorious. 

Women's Soccer Club: 
Front Row (L to R) Melanie 
Bryce, Jennifer Murphy, 
Coach Linda Meigs, Valerie 
Wekopf, Jenny Schmitz. 
Back Row (L to R) Kathy 
Tyrrasch, Candace 
Finan, Paige Bonner, 
Amy Morris, Kristin 
Sumpter, Shani Lemens, 
Karen LBradshaw, Maria 

Top Left: So what's the strategy. 
Right: Maria makes her move. 
Bottom Left: The soccer club loves 
teaching the tricks of the trade. 
Bottom Right: One... Two... 

Not Pictured: Dee Dee Thomas, Laura Popko, Laura 
Phillips, Leslie Ballenger, and Stephanie Watson. 


Members of the Tennis team are: Top (L to R) Keth Wong, David 
Grtizmacher, Philip Garrow, Lee Besselman, Chris Maurer, Greg 
Alexander, Michael Wang, Steven Right, Austin Lowder. Middle (L to 
R) Kyla Lawson, Debbie Fisher, Lisa Arrfelt, Theresa Martin, Lisa 
House. Bottom (L to R) Beth Ottermari, Rachel Romero, Jennifer 
Greifenkamp, Melissa Worric h, Catherine Lopez. 

Not Pictured: John Stevens, Chris Howard, Vie 
Nguyen, Josh Russell. 

Tennis (ten'is) n. 1) A game played out- 
doors in which players hit a hollow rubber 
ball with a racket over a net, 2) A team of 
bright players ready and waiting for their 
chance to play in Wimbledon. 

Left: Relaxing in the summer sun, how 
nice. Below: Doubles anyone? 

f V' 

- Athletics 


Members of the Swimming Club are: Top (L to R) Teresa Turtle, Koren 
O'Kuma, Julie Russell, and Lea Rhoden. Bottom (L to R) Peter Gosselink, Bruce 
Orr, Mickey Martin, Gordon Surratt, and Mike Fuller. 

Middle Left: Julie demonstrates 

the breast stroke. 

Above: Mickey gives us a 

charming smile while he 

catches his breath. 

Middle' Right: Mike goes for 

it all. 

Left: SuperMike, without the 


Right: Koren gracefully does 

the back stroke. 

'Swimming (swim'ing) 

n. 1) a sport that requires 
one to move through water 
by movements of the arms 
and legs, 2) a group of 
students that swim like 
»fish (see fish). 


Members of the 
Southwestern Men's 
Running Club are: (L 
to R) Tim 

McGonigle, Max 
Weber, Carter 
Hay, Dan Cobos, 
Jaime Reeves, and 
Jay Whidbee. 

Running (run'ing) n. 1) The act of racing, 2) A 
group of competitive individuals who can out 
run Speedy Gonzalez, anytime. 

Right: The team wastes no time making their 
moves. Bottom Right: Everyone anxiously awaits 
at the starting line. Bottom Left: ...and he 
rounds the corner. 



[iddle Left: Laura 
jeeps her cool. Bot- 

im Left/Bottom 
Light: Robyn and 
|aura anxiously 

"oss the finish line. 

Members of the Southwestern Women's Running 
Club are: (L to R) Robyn Tangum, Laura 
Guarascio, Juliana Heming, Laura Popko, 
Catherine Stokes, Erin Skelley, and Jenny 

Running (run'ing) 

n. 1) the act of 
racing, 2) a 
group of com- 
petitive indi- 
viduals faster 
than a speeding 

tudy n ,{ Iravd 

>elle Burch and J.B. Smith share their Victoria 's 
crets at the London Christmas party. 

Mandy Timm shows that they do re- 
cycle in Argentina. 

Terri Tubbs thinks, "No, I'm not sea sick," 
during her study of whales at Vancouver. 

Nisa Sharma and Jon Porter visited 
Old Shanghai . 

The casualties of jet lag. It was a long trip to 


Christi Piatt, Christina Corovessis 
and Kim Essary on Mt. Titlus in 
Lucerne, Switzerland. 

Art critics, Steve McHaney and Matt 
Ammerman visit the Museo de 
Antropologia, Universidad Autonoma de 

(A)ent steu.i^ ) 

[ I to RJ : Ha Nguyen, 
Judklns, and friend 
road trip to Taroko 
Taiwan during their 

participation with Semester at 





Left : Konrad Bouffard 
stands atop the outer edge 
of the Stadium in Aries at 
a bullfight during his six 
months stay in France. 



Left: Enjoying the 
aesthetic structure 
of Stonehenge are 
(L to R) : Vertical 
Stones: Erica 

Mathre, Christi 
Piatt, Kim Essary, 
Barbara Strickland. 
Horizontal Stones: 
LonAnne Culver, 
Corovessis . 

Top: Participating in the London Semester 
Program are: (L to R) Top: Patrick Dawson, Barbara 
Strickland, Mike Barrows. Standing: Michael 
Costa, Melissa Holt, Erica Mathre, Noelle Burch, 
Christina Corovessis, Moses Fisher, Mary Gamel, 
Jennifer Argabright, Kevin Cooper, Mindi Weaver, 
Allen Salerno, Sherrin Roberts, Heath Dollar. 
Sitting: Brenda Moreton (London Advisor) , LonAnne 
Culver, Nate McCarty, Kim Essary, Christi Piatt, 
Beth Perkins, Allison Fontenot, J.B. Smith, Matt 
Johnson, Dr. Johnson, Kate Stephens, Julie Brown, 
Teresa Kean. 

Top Left : Mandy 
Timm (left) and 
travel Argen- 

-»■— ^^ \..t 


Enjoying resting time at 
Vancouver are (L to R) Emmelina 
Mojica, Staci Kasper, Terri 
Tubbs, Tony King, Louis Bishop, 
Sally Norwood, Suzanne Leeper. 

tucCy n ' Travel 

Above: These students spent part of their 
summer as exchange students in the 
Universitat Osnabruch near Rudesheim, 
Germany. (L to R) Dan Sweet, John Doenges, 
Kristi Johnson, Susan Hiebert, Fred Seip, 
Dianna McQuillin and Alys Thompson. 

Ashley Gorham (left) and Steve Otillav 
(right) visit the Pyramids of Teotuican 
daring their summer study at Mexico. 

While on the summer Spain 
program, John Wallace could 
be found monkeying around 
at Gibraltar Rock. 



: Handy Timm 



left) and friends 



with a 


statue in 



. .v 

-■ * 

Left: Dr. Morgan seems to 
have run into a little 
problem during his sum- 
mer research at 
Vancouver . 


Right: Claire Judkins and Ha Nguyen 
(L to R sitting on table) are on 
safari in Tsavo East National Park in 
Kenya . 

tudy ri travel 

Right: Students participating in 
the 1992 Summer Spanish Program in 
Spain are: (L to R) Front : Claudia 
Riquelme ,Dr. Sonia Riquelme, Jane 
Morris, Michael Wolfe, Scott Herlihy, 
Tracy Richbourg, Matt Ammerman, 
Scott McNinch, Julie Greig, Stephen 
McHaney, Robert Bryant, and Lisa 
Plowman. Back: LyAnne Robison, 
Paul Tatum, Amy McDaniel, John 
Wallace, Lee Boyle, Leslie Parks, 
and Marc Ledet. 

The group is pictured in Plaza 
E span a, Madrid. 



Konrad Bouffard travels to Les 
Baux de Provence near Avignon . 
This was the former fortress of 
the Princess of Monacco. 

tudij n ' Trcwe 

M g_ k*vl 

Left ; 



« Waldo? 



j five 

brave 3 

■ u - 1 

j students who ran with j 

] the 




i Pamplona 

Noelle Burch enjoys the Fal- 
conry Exhibit at Stratford 
Upon Avon in Mary Ar den ' s 
house (Shakespeare ' s mother) . 

"flu Hoods (Xrt CrodM J- 

-Use . 










• Skeleton f ound-pg 

• Phi ' s n ' Roses -pg 

ww. • ♦ »•! 

• I . D . Syndrome -pg 





I do, I do" 

Tri den t 

"They have no right 
to declare the Soviet 
Union nonexistent." 


Time magazine 

"NOT! " 

Southwestern & 
the rest of the 
"cool " world. 

"We're doing some- 
thing constructive." 
SU Administration 

"I ' ve fallen and I 

can ' t get up ! " 
expression ori- 
ginally on T.V. 

"I'll do what I have 
to do to be re-elec- 
ted. " 

George Bush 
Mr. President 

"Am I black or white?" 
devoted Michael 
Jackson fans -NOT! 

"A man without a 

country. " 

Time's descrip- 
tion of 
Gorbachev . 

"Where's the foun- 

curious bystand- 

"We are not here to 
predict the future but 
to change it for the 
good. " 

Oliver North 

"Too legit to quit." 

(formerly M.C. 

"I have constantly 
pushed against the bars 
of the cages and tried 
to make it a bit big- 
ger . " 

Salman Rushdie 

on Satanic 



- Jerry Juhl , wri t ei 
for Muppets, visits 
S.U. campus. 

-Limited editions on 
Fantasia , the animatea 
Walt Disney video, are 

-PeeWee Herman gets 
caught doing somethingl 
extremely "out of. 
character" while in a 
porno movie theatre. 

-Blonde jokes become 
popular amongst those 
who aren't blonde! 

-Beauty & the Beast, 
the animated version, 
is a major hit. 

-Other popular movies 
include: Hook , Cave 
Fear , My Girl , etc. 

-The Jackson family 
experiences some se- 
rious " ant i -bonding" 
along with the press 
emphas i z ing the 
fami ly ' s probl ems . " 

-Superbowl : Washing- 
ton Redskins vs. Buf- 
falo Bills 



he article, "The U.S. 
nd Us , " that you "had 
n your last issue was 
; o touching. I was 
leeply moved by Mr. 
imokey Bear ' s comments 
n the environment and 
low it is so important 
p maintain it. I have 
^owed to sell all of my 
:urs , ivory and leather . 
; am reborn! 

Zsa Zsa Gabor 


Beauty is only skin 
deep. But in this 
case, the castle had 
alot of potential too! 




We really didn't want 
to be in karate . It was 
just one of those things 
that your parents pay 
for and you have to do . 
Ninja Turtles 

:andy confession 

I must confess that I'm 
guilty of coating the 
Halloween candy. I 
couldn't help it-the 
kids were tearing me 


Ginger Burr Redd 


The moral of my life? 
Get the money. The 
harp needed to be tuned 
and the chicken was 
constipated with eggs 
that were 100% pyrite 
and 95% cholesterol. 
Jack B. Stalk 

I just wanted to get 
some things straight- 
ened out. First, 
Jermaine has always 
been jealous of me. 
He hasn ' t been him- 
self since I started 
making the charts. 
Deep down in his heart , 
he wishes he was me. 
Second, LaToya did 
not pose in Playboy. • 
I did. We used her 
head and my body. 
Third, Janet and I are 
not the same person. 
We just have the same 
plastic surgeon. And 
fourth I 'm white. 
Thank yoou for your 
support . Buy my 
soundtrack. . .it's 
Dangerous ! 

Michael Jackson 


I really thought that 
the orange fences were 
an added plus . Without 
them, people driving 
would have passed right 
by us without notic- 


If they posted signs 
reading " Pardon our 
Progress, I think I 
would have died 


"I felt like part of a 
herd of cattle running 
through the orange 
fences on my way to 
Mood-Bridwell . It was 
a terrible complex!" 


Affirmative Action Initiated Heated Debate at Southwestern 

It was more than just 
students vs. students, 
faculty, staff and ad- 
ministration were debat- 
ing over affirmative ac- 
tion and Southwestern 
University's policy on 
scholarships based on 
race. The topic, how- 
ever, reached beyond 
Southwestern as well. 

It began with a poster 
that the College Repub- 
licans presented during 
Organization' s Fair . The 
poster read "Smash 
Apartheid on Campus, " and 
was distributed by the 
Young American Founda- 

After reading the 
poster, the Dean of Stu- 
dents commented nega- 
tively on it. 

The incident caused the 
issue of affirmative ac- 
tion to arise, and ten- 
sion between many groups , 
particularly between the 
College Republicans and 
the Dean of Students 
began . 

For certain reasons, 

some students from the 
University of Texas 
became interested in 
the debate brewing in 
Southwestern. An article 
was written by the edi- 
tor-in-chief of the 
University Review, an 
Austin journal on stu- 
dent opinion. 

The basic idea of the 
article was that ad- 
ministrators should not 

tell students how to 

From the viewpoint of 

the Southwestern commu- 
nity, the article was 
greatly exaggerated. 
Many students expressed 
that UT students had no 
right getting involved 
in the politics of an- 
other school . 

A public debate was 
finally organized between 
Dinesh D'Souza and 

The issue of affirma- 
tive action began to die 
down after the public 
debate was presented. • 

Women's Volleyball Team Makes it Big for the Sixth Time! 

Once again, the S.U. 
women's volleyball team 
took their sixth consecu- 
tive trip to NAIA Nation- 
als. Whith a victory over 
Tarleton State the Lady 
Bucs become the bidistrict 
champions. The team then 
traveled to Ft. Hays, 
Kansas . • 

Construction Welcomes 
Students Back to S.U. 

Students were welcomed 
back by friendly 
bulldozers, a new Mabee 
parking lot (although the 
parking lot caused stu- 
dents to be frustrated 
since the new lot was 
primarily for those 
working in the fine arts 
building) , orange fences, 
creaking boardwalks, and 
the all-confusing ques- 
tion of: "Where's the 
fountain? " 

Plans were underway for 
the development of the 
academic mall and the 
construction of a new 
addition to the fine arts 

Lansford Finds Human 
Skeleton in Construc- 
tion Site 

It's not everyday that 
one has the delightful 
opportunity of finding a 
human bone . However , Dr . 
Ed Lansford, chemistry 
professor at Southwest- 
ern University, found a 
complete human skeleton 
while sneaking through 
the construction site on 
his way to the library. 
Apparently, a finger was 
sticking out from under 
the ground of the origi- 
nal circle drive. Curi- 
ous and anious, Lansford 
quickly uncovered a 
skeleton that appears to 
have been dated back to 
1841. Details of the now 
uncovered person has not 



?-3''j.\ ROAD 
*mgj§ CL OSED 


The purpose of such a 
plan? First, it ful- 
filled the mission of 
Vision 2000. Second, 
it intended to further 
enhance larger programs 
which could now be held 
in the newly-con- 
structed fine arts 
theatre. Third, it 
hoped to create a cen- 
tral place where the 
campus community could 
interact. Fourth, 

yet been released to 
the public. 

University officials 
feared an ancient burial 
ground for students and 
ordered that the entire 
inner courtyard of the 


Lansford stands with his 

the campus to be com- 
pletely demolished. 
Although prolonging the 
academic mall construc- 

it would create a Fiber 
Optics Network System 
which would link differ- 
ent departments of the 
school together, thus 
improving communication. 
Fifth, it would build a 
fountain that would fit 
the aesthetic beauty of 
the campus. Sixth, it 
would allow students to 
eat meals later (since 
meal times were extended 
to accomodate the con- 
struction inconvenience) . 
Seventh, it gave students 
sounds to listen to 
throughout the day. 

The results of the plan? 
Noone knows, but we'll 
find out after the project 
stops being delayed. 

tion that had already 
started in August, other 
skeletal bones were not 
found . 

Protest Against 
Styrofoam Now! 

Some environmentally 
concerned students at S.U. 
spoke out against 
Marriott's (the food 
service) use of styrofoam. 

In turn, Marriott tried 
to find other alterna- 
tives to styrofoam, but 
found no plant that 
would recycle polysterene 
in Texas. However, 
Marriott assured that it 
would promote other means 
that would help save the 
enviroment . 

Manhattan String Quartet Performs Live at 


The internationally 
known and recognized 
Manhattan String Quartet 
took their act to the 
small campus of South- 
western, located in 
Georgetown, Tx, 3 miles 
north of Austin. The 
quartet is known for its 
chamber music and, es- 
pecially, for its Dmitri 

Shostakovich cycle. 

The members are Judith 
Glyde, cello; Eric 
Lewis, first violin; 
John Dexter, viola; and 
Roy Lews, second vio- 
lin. They have toured 
through the U.S., Eu- 
rope, Mexico, and the 
Soviet Union. 

Killeen Residents Witness One of the 
Most Gruesome Murders in History 

23 Killed 

It was the worst mass 
murder of the year and in 
history. It left a small 
city devastated with 
horror . 

Killeen, Texas is lo- 
cated about 45 miles 
north of Georgetown. It 
houses Ft. Hood, an army 
base, a rather competi- 
tive high school foot- 
ball team, and beautiful 
sceneries along its out- 
skirts. However, a gun- 
man charged into a Luby ' s 
Cafeteria during the lunch 
hour disrupting the com- 

munity. The incident 
ended with 2 3 people 

The man drove his 
truck into the glass 
window of Luby ' s , and 
used two semiautomatic 
pistols to shoot mer- 
cilessly at the cus- 
tomers-shooting them 
on the head or chest 
point blank. He yelled, 
"This is what Bell 
County did to me. This 
is payback day!" One 
woman tried to hide in 
a freezer. A young 

Silicon Breast Im- 
plants are Suspected: 
to have Serious 
Health Hazards 

After being sold on the 
market for 3 years, thj 
silicon breast implant: 
are now being questioned 
Although females desir* 
to have such implants foi 
various reasons, sonu 1 
health professionals 
state that the ladies 
safety had never beei 

Women who have had the 
implants have complained 
of pain and discomfort 
that is caused by the 
internal scar tissue. Ir 
addition, deformities ma^ 
occur when the silicor 
gel ruptures or shifts. 

Due to such problems, 
the Food & Drug Adminis- 
tration has called foi 
continued testing on the 
implants. However, the 
administration also al- 
lowed the implants tc 
stay on the market. ' J 

man hid in the dish- 
washer. After 10 minutes 
of horror, the gunman 
shot himself in the head. 
The gunman was George 
Hennard (35) who was an 
unemployed seaman, hated 
women, and had a fanatic 
love for mass murders. 
He used to be a merchant 
marine, but was dismissed 
after being found with 
marijuana. His intention 
for the crime is unclear. .,' 

1 A 

hi's n' Roses performing live at the Southwestern 
niversity Alma Thomas Theatre during the 1991 
omecoming Activities. 

Magic Johnson Tested 

Phi's n' Roses Sues Guns 'n 1 Roses 

The popular rock n' 
oil group, Phi's n' 
I Loses, is suing Guns 'n' 
loses for $1 billion, 
'hey claim that not only 
lid Guns 'n' Roses copy 
iheir name, but used the 
same melody, simply 
:hanging the words . The 
D hi ' s n' Roses agent 
stated, "I can't believe 
:hat any group could 
hink of doing such a 
slanderous and contro- 
versial thing." 

A representative of 
Guns ' n' Roses was not 
available at the time 
of this interview be- 
cause the group was 
touring around the U.S. 
The agent of Phi's n' 
Roses, though, is de- 
termined to take this 
case to the highest 
court no matter how 
much it costs. Guns n' 
Roses, as of yet, has 
not responded. 

Underdogs of the Season 

Both the Twins and 

Braves have risen from 

the worst in their leagues 

-|to the best. The Min- 

•' nesota Twins were last 

'in the American League 

''west in 1990. and the 

■"'Atlanta Braves were last 

- in the National League 
'West for three seasons, 

■ The secret of success 

- for both teams lies in 
their strategy of sign- 
ing players to the team. 

The Braves found new 
'talent in Steve Avery, 

David' Justice and John 
Smoltz. The Twins 
traded Frank Viola to 
the Mets and gained 
three promising pitch- 
ers. Both of the teams 
also found some middle- 
income free agents. 
Atlanta aquired Terry 
Pendletan and Minne- 
sota ran into Jack 
Morris and Chili Davis . 
And as the story goes, 
both the Twins and 
Braves came out on top. 

With a very unexpected 
announcement, Magic 
Johnson confronted the 
press and announced that 
he tested HIV positive. 
Magic stated that he has 
never performed homo- 
sexual acts and that the 
virus was contracted from 
heterosexual acts. 

It has been reported 
that this epidemic made 
its presence known by 
sweeping across the U.S. 
in three different ways. 
The first wave found 
its origin within the 
population of homosexual 
males. The deaths caused 
by this type of activity 
have now leveled off. 
However, the deaths 
brought about by the 
second source have not 
yet reached its peak. 
This wave found its ori- 
gin among IV-drug users . 
The third and latest wave 
hit hard among hetero- 
sexual males and females . 
Magic is now trying to 
inform both teens and 
young adults of the pre- 
cautions that can be taken 
which sharply reduce-or 
eliminate-the risks in- 
volved. It is important 
to remember that hetero- 
sexual transmission of 
the AIDS virus is the 
rule, not exception. 

Texas weather is so crazy. Students left for 
Christmas Break wearing shorts and returned 
wearing rain boots. Plenty of rain and flooded 
areas certainly introduced the new year. 

The S.U. Community Commemorates the 
Maker of Dr. Seuss 

Many people subtly re- 
gressed into the past 
upon receiving news of 
the death of Theodore 
Seuss Geissel (1904- 
1991) . Theodore Geissel 
was the author of the 
famous Dr. Seuss story 
books which so many of us 
read as children. 

In memory of Mr. 
Geissel, students from 

the S.U. campus volun- 
teered their time to 
read the Dr. Seuss 
series to visiting 
Montesori school chil- 
dren and other S.U. 
students. As an added 
feature, Marriott 
served green eggs and 
ham for those who were 
daring enough to take 
a challenge. • 

Frances happily serves up green eggs and ham. 

Long Days Ahead for 
the Economy 

The stock market 
reached an all-time high 
in '91. Inflation, rates 
were the lowest in five 
years . Home mortages 
were low since the Fed- 
eral Reserve cut the 
discount rate. Unem- 
ployment was not as bad 
as the figures during 
the ' 81- ' 82 recession. 
With all of this, the 
U.S. stilled experienced 
the longest recession 
since the 1930 ' s . 

The slump was long and 
deep. 1.2 million jobs 
were eliminated due to 
layoffs. Consumer con- 
fidence low and very 
skeptical. This was 
particularly seen dur- 
ing the Christmas holi- 
day when purchases are 
usually high. Merchants 
found that people were 
not spending as much as 
they used to. 

Experts say that the 
recovery will be rather 
slow. Consumers are 
leaving the period in 
which borrowing-and- 
spending was the norm. 
Instead, people are 
becoming more aware of 
the need to save and 
invest . 

The recession has 
caused many individuals 
to criticize Bush's 
economic performance. It 
appears that it is the 
worst performance under 
any postwar president. 

The "I.D. Cards" Syn- 
drome Afflicts Three 
Southwestern Student 

Officials at South- 
western University state 
that the school T.D. cards 
are leaking some type of 
chemical that causes the 
card to stick to one's 
lips. Scientists claim 
that they have never seen 
anything like this be- 
fore. The magnetic strips 
have been used for many 
years , and only this year 
has this strange phenom 
enon occurred. Three 

m •^■tar- 
SCOtt Streitman, senior, was afflicted with the 
syndrome shortly after having his meal card initial- 
ized. ' 

students have already 
experience the so-called 
"I.D. Card " Syndrome , 
and there is a fear that 
a fourth might also have 
been affected. Due to 

this dreadful occurrence, 
the SU food service is 
looking into other alter- 
natives that can be 
adopted. • 

Not a Good Year for Ole 1 Clarence 

From the poverty- 
stricken town in Georgia 
to Yale Law School, and, 
finally, to the high honor 
of being a Supreme Court 
nominee. That is Clarenc 
Thomas's story. He was 
nominated by President 
George Bush to fill 
Thurgood Marshall's seat 
on the Supreme Court . 
However, his nomination 
itself caused quite a bit 
of conflict amongst gov- 
ernment officials. 

Some individuals think 
that Bush nominated Tho- 
mas because he was black. 
However, Bush explained 
that Thomas was chosen 
because of his qualifica- 
tions. The question of 
affirmative action, then, 
came into view. 

Some also point to 
Thomas ' s very conserva- 
tive views. Thomas 
strongly opposed affir- 
mative action, and dis- 
likes the idea of racial 
integration. His nomi- 
nation has greatly split 
the involved parties. 

Despite the conflict- 
ing viewpoints, it looked 
as if Clarence Thomas 
would be given the seat 
on the Supreme Court . 
However, the process was 
immediately halted when 
Anita Hill, a lawyer, 
suddenly came into the 
picture and accused 
Thomas of sexual ha- 
rassment . 

Like Thomas, Hill grew 
up in poverty and worked 
her way up. She, too, 

became interested in 
politics. At the time of 
her allegation against 
Thomas, she was a law 
professor at the Univer- 
sity of Oklahoma. 

Hill alleged that Thomas 
sexually harassed her when 
she was working for him. 
She claimed that Thomas 
would herass her verbally 
by telling her about various 
sex acts. He would make 
suggestive comments to her, 
all implying something 
about sex. 

Thomas, on the other 
hand, denied all charges. 
He claimed that he and Hill 
had a friendly relation- 

After careful delibera- 
tion, though, the court 
found Thomas not guilty. • 

In Memory 

Jasyn Jameson 

It 's CCeaHy through the 
(Devetopment ofoursetves. . . 



^fiat zve can begin to 
fully understand. . . 

'Tfit Importance of 

I7te friendships 
zve Have made. . ♦ 

I7te Obstacles ive have 


overcome. . . 

And the ^rips 
zve Have taken. ♦ ♦ 




r o Express 
Ourselves not onlu throu 


motions, but zvitd 



Abel, James 17 

AbelLLisa 72 

Ada, Ms. 98 

Adams, Eric 42,105 

Aduonum, Adwoa 41, 42, 46, 105 

Agee,Amy 41,56,59,105 

Ahorn, Cathy 76 

Akers, Susan 58 

Akin, John 37, 65 

Albin,Gene 105 

Alex, Steve 60 

Alexander, Greg 133, 140 

Allen, Daryl 78,126 

Allen, Dr. 99 

Allen, Jennifer 74 

Allen, Sean 87 

Allison, Beth 74,84 

Allman, Pete 17, 82 

Altamirano, Linda 72 

Alvis,Sara 42,86 

Ammerman, Matt 42, 82, 138, 146, 


Anderson, Ben 84 

Anderson, Jul 17,49,51 

Anderson, R.L. 93 

Andrew, Clay 42,87,105 

Apollo, Anthony 82,105 

Argabright, Jennifer 148 

Armendariz, George 82 

Arrfelt, Lisa 140 

Arrojo, Jose 84 

Arwine, Janie 74 

Asken,Rob 80 

Assadourian, N. 95 

Avalos, Maria 72, 105 

Avellar,A. 93 

Avery, Mark 130 

Ayers,D. 92 

Ayers, Laura 76, 105 

Bailey, Beryl 105 

Bailey, Michael 47,105 

Bailey, Randy 17 

Bailey, Will 80 

Baker, Dean 40,42,105 

Ballenger, Leslie 139 

Ballou, Roger 91 

Barbero, Ignacio 17, 61, 84 

Barbero,Luis 42,87,105 

Barmekow, D. 95 

Barnes, John 87 

Baronoskie, Alan 82, 105 

Barrier, Bret 39 

Barrows, Mike 148 

Bartholomew, Vickie 17, 45,47 

Bash,Bejamin 59,84,105 

Baudat, Margaret 76,105 

Baumfalk, Helen 44 

Baumgartner, Anne 105 

Baxter, Janet 90 

Bean, Debbie 90 

Beard, Greg 84 

Bednar, Linda 105 

Belila, Chris 87,105 

Bell, Kim 46,105 

Bell, Rick 78 

Benham, Stephanie 48 

Benoit, John 65 

Benoit,Mr. 103 

Benton, Andrew 17,40 

Benziger, Adrian 82 

Bermudez, Perla 34, 63, 105 

Beming, Dr. 57,101 

Besselman, Lee 106, 140 

Bickers, T. 95 

Biggers, Christin 57, 106 

Biggerstaff, Vic 17,67 

Biles, John 48,51 

Bishop, Heather 66, 76, 106 
Bishop, Louis 148 
Blackburn, Dr. 59,99 
Blackhurst, Todd 44 
Blackwell, Martha 74 
Blaine, Wendy 106, 128, 129 
Blair, Matt 82 
Blake, Amy 17,65 
Blakeless, Nate 71,80 
Bledsoe, Clint 84 
Blouin, Kevin 65, 67 
Bohm, Ms. 84 

Bonday-de Leon, Tracy 34, 92 
Bonner, Paige 18,54,74,139 
Born, L.R. 93 

Bossart, Beth 47, 57, 86, 106 
Bost,J. 91 

Boudreau, George 18, 84 
Bouffard, Konrad 147, 151 
Bowman, William 18, 71,84 
Boyle, Lee 80,151 
Boyt,Eric 18,44,131 
Braden, Tammy 56, 106 
Bradley, Doston 18,126 
Bradshaw, Karen 18,139 
Brady, Marsha 301 
Branch, Julie 15,18,46 
Brannon,Biff 82 
Brannon, Jill 87 
Brightwell, Dr. 100 
Brightwell, G. 91 
Briscoe, Amy 18,50,72 
Britton, Marie 106 
Brockette, Pebble 18,74 
Brody, L. 95 
Brogan, Heather 106 
Brothers, Holly 49,106 
Broussard, Cara 86, 106 
Browder, Joseph 19 
Brown, Anna 19,42,58 
Brown, Dr. 95,101,146 
Brown, Julie 148 
Brown, Sandy 40,62,76 
Brown, Sitaraja 106 
Browning, Brigette 72, 106 
Browning, William 78, 106 
Brush, Catherine 46, 47, 67, 106 
Bryan, Stacey 106,124 
Bryant, D. 93 
Bryant, David 138 
Bryant, Michele 34, 86, 106 
Bryant, Robert 78, 151 
Bryce,L. 92 
Bryce, Melanie 74,139 
Buchanan, J.D. 92 
Buchhorn, Kathryn 90 
Buckner, Sara 72, 106 
Buentello, Sergio 87 
Buerger, Christa 51, 106 
Buhr,Gwen 42,106 
Bulloch, Charlene 106, 128 
Burch, Noelle 145, 148, 152 
Burgess, Herry 124 
Burrow, Glenn 107,131 
Butts, Jennifer 107 
Bye, Aimee 42,87,107 

Cadle, Chris 84 

Caldwell, Dorothy 69,76 

Calvert, Todd 82 

Campbell," Angelyque 1 9, 32, 46, 49, 


Campbell, Matt 44 

Campbell, Robert 107 

Canales, Ramiro 20, 31 

Cantanzaro, Christine 42 

Capps, Suzanne 19, 74, 78 

Caraway, D.M. 95 

Cardenas, A. 95 

Cardenas, Sandra 107 

Carl, Dr. 98 

Carlson, John 19, 56 

Carpenter, Jeff 84 

Carr,Tamika 46,107 

Carrera, Monica 45, 54 

Carrillo, Mark 82 

Carroll, Meghan 19,74 

Carter, Heather 67 

Casley,Jeff 78 

Casson, Christian 71, 78 

Castanon, Marissa 45, 49, 107 

Castille, Baron 78 

Castro, Angie 45, 56, 60, 107 

Catanzaro, Christine 87 

Cathcart, Melissa 124 

Cauley, Randall 19, 37, 39, 48, 59, 82 

Chamberlain, Casi 74 

Chambers, K. 94 

Chamier, Dr. 98 

Chaput, Christopher 59 

Charlton, Matt 49 

Chauloux, Sandrine 45 

Chavarria, Janie 56 

Chavez, Patrick 42, 45, 59, 107 

Cheese, Macaroni Ann 

Cheez 80 

Chen, Victor 107 

Cheney, Rebecca 21 

Childs, Eraka 46 

Childs,V. 93 

Choi, Anna 66 

Choi, Ms. 103 

Christlieb, K. 93 

Church, Crystal 39, 76, 107 

Church, John 87 

Clardy, Bryan 67 

Clark, Cullen 74 

Claudia, Riquelme 151 

Clay, Coach 128 

Clay, Dr. 100 

Clements, Michele 67 

Clifton, Catherine 42, 59, 86, 107 

Coad, Erin 74 

Cobos, Dan 82,142 

Cogan, Malcolm 87,107 

Cohan, John 82 

Collings, L. 95 

Colwell, Dr. B. 100 

Conge, Dr. 101 

ConnelLL. 94 

Conrad, Kelly 19 

Considine, Chris 87, 107 

Considine, Kevin 82 

Cook, Sandra 49,72,107 

Cookston, Jeff 20,80 

Cooper, Kevin 148 

Corona, John 84 

Corovessis, Catherine 72, 107 

Corovessis, Christina 39, 145, 147, 


Costa, Michael 148 

Costlow, Lynn 49,87,107 

Cotter, Dr. 101 

Coughlin, Brian 20, 64, 65, 84 

Counts, Laura 42, 107 

Covington, Jennifer 48, 58, 107 

Cowan, Nicole 20 

Cox, David 45, 59, 108, 126 

Cox, Lauren 44,64 

Cox, Marie 42,49 

Cox, Scott 69 

Crawford, Susan 55, 108 

Creekmore, Cynthia 65, 74 

Crenshaw, Marshal 86 

Cricket, Jimmy Knee 

Cronenberg, Kristin 67, 108 

Cronin, Brian 42,108 

Crowder,Kim 37,48,62 

Crowley, Dr. 99 

Cruz, George 34, 42, 45, 87, 108 

Cuevas, Jessica 72, 108 

Culver, LonAnne 147,148 
Cummings, Jarrett 22, 37, 40, 48 
Cummings, Justin 84 
Curless, Jarred 78 
Curtis, Monty 138 
Curtis, Scott 87 
Custer, J. 95 
Custer, L. 95 

Darden, Kim 42,46,134 

Darrow, Anya 59, 62 

Davidson, Dr. 99 

Davis, Dana 76,124 

Davis, Dr. 99 

Davis, Linda 66 

Davis, Meredith 86 

Davis, Rachel 108 

Dawes, Kenneth 108,126 

Dawson, Dr. 99 

Dawson, Patrick 148 

de-Ybarrondo, Henri 126 

Dean, Bill 34,108 

Deanda, Steve 78 

Deaton, Denise 66 

Decker, Andrew 49, 61, 64, 108 

deGuzman, Michael 82, 108 

Delaney,Dr. 48,56,100 

Delay, Missy 69 

deLeon, Marissa 45, 108 

Delnero, David 82,126 

deMander, Bjourn 108 

Demirman, Okan 47, 65, 66 

Dempsey, Sheana 72 

Denham, James 20 

Denman, Dr. 102 

Dent, Dave 87 

Dewitt, Harland 20 

Dewitt, James 47 

Diaz, Christina 41,48 

Diaz,Liliana 87,108 

Diaz, Monica 76 

Dickens, Derek 84 

Dillard, Casey 108 

Dinkel, Chris 78,121 

Dodd, Robbie 67 

Dodd-Ellis, Daniel 42, 108, 134 

Doenges, John 82, 149 

Doeren, Keith 80 

Dollar, Heath 148 

Domatti, Renata 86 

Donley, Mr. 98 

Dotts, Rebbeca 64, 66, 71, 76 

Dowell, Joe 138 

Doyle, James 20,61,84 

Doyle, Jennifer 48, 49, 37 

Drawe,Pam 49,108 

Drusch, Annie 86 

Duncan, Ashley 42 

Duncan, Lane 67, 108 

Durbin, Jeffrey 109 

Durkin, Scott 66,67,82 

Dutton, Robin 87 

Eagle, John 20,84 
Eagle, Justin 109 
Easleyjeff 138 
Eason, R.B. 93 
Eason, S. 95 
Easterly, Mark 82 
Edges, Margaret 20, 58 
Eidson, Mr. 102 
Eleuterius, Lynette 87, 109 
Eliassen, Kate 64, 72, 66, 109 
Ellinger, Christine 87, 109 
Elliot, Ben 39,84,138 
Elliott, Jo Ann 49, 66, 109 
Ellis, Dr. 98 
Ellis, Michael 109 
Epley, Kristin 66,109 

Ercums, Kris 39 

Escobar, Rosa 31, 60, 63, 74, 109 

Espino, Grace 76, 109 

Espirtosa, Michelle 20, 37, 45, 48 

Essary, Kim 145, 147, 148 

Estep, Aimee 72 

Estes, Susie 49,86 

Estrada, Sandra 21,34,35,50,51 

Eustace, Elise 74,109 

Evans, Allison 67 

Evans, Chip 82 

Evans, Tracy 1 09 

Evilsizer, Kelli 76 

Exley,A. 94 


Fad, Dr. 100 

Fagg,C.H. 93 

Fairchild, Mia 58, 64, 66, 76 

Fangue, Jennifer 76, 109 

Farrisjill 21,42,67 

Feldman, B. 92 

Fenlon,Bill 126 

Ferguson, Tracy 49, 72, 109 

Fertitta, Julian 78 

Fetner, Josh 84 

Field, Jeremy 71,84 

Fike, Chris 87 

Fike,DeeAnn 87,109,124 

Fikes,Ann 87,109 

Fillmore, Martha 72 

Finah, Candace 139 

Fisher, Cadie 74 

Fisher, David 87 

Fisher, Debbie 54, 60, 109, 140 

Fisher, Moses 148 

FitzgLbbons, Paul 82 

Flatten, Catherine 109 

Fleming, B. 94 

Fleming, Juliana 87, 143 

Fleming, M. 94 

Fleming, Marcus 87 

Floiano,H. 94 

Hood, Stacy 91,138 

Hores, Cynthia 45, 54, 60, 109 

Flores, J. 94 

Flores, Lisa 64, 110 

Flores, LoreUa 76 

Flores, Priscilla 109 

Rummer, D, 95 / .: 

Fontenot, Allison 148 

Ford, Jill 37,48, 53,54 

Foster, JZfeiS 84 

Foster, Mamie 74 

Frakey, Laura 110 

Francis, Brad HO 

Francis, JercpEer 21, 

Franco, B,: 94 , 

Franta, Kevin 59 

Freeman, H>; 94 

Freeman, Lisa 87, 124 

Fricke, Karen 54 

Friend, M$, 98 

Fujita, Sanae 47 

Fuller, Mike 39, 110, 132, 141 

Fullingim, Dr. 100 

Fullmer, Jason 82 


Gabor, Zsa Zsa 

Gaeta, James 92 

Gaffney, Meredith 87 

Gaines, Dr. 98 

Gaines, Ginger 21,51,74 

Ga lind o, Sandra 46, 1 1 0, 1 33 

Gamel, Mary 148 

Garcia, Dr. 101 

Garcia, Enrique 45,110 

Card, Leigh 51 

Gardner, Charles 87, 138 

Garrett, Craig 15, 21, 33, 39, 50, 61, 


Garrow, Philip 84,140 

Garza, D. 94 

Gasser, Debbie 51, 86, 110 

Gatlin, Leroy 80 

Geistweidt, Jason 64, 67 

Gensler, Stacie 72 

Gentiljeff 87 

George, Amanda 67, 87 

George, Carrie 51, 54, 58, 110 

Gerfers,Trey 41,62,80 

Gibbs, C. 94 

Gibson, Marjorie 46, 110, 128, 129 

Giese, Ben 82 

Giese, Monroe 82 

Giesecke, Dr. 56, 100 

Gil, Maria 21,58,72,139 

Ginsburg, Brett 110 

Gloor,Will 82 

Gold, Michelle 37,40 

Goldsmith, Kim 32,34,42,110 

Goldsmith, Leslie 15 

Gollsby, Alison 76 

Gonzales, Melissa 110 

Gonzalez, Caroline 34, 35, 56, 63, 


Goodman, J. 91 

Goodrich, R. 91 

Goolsby, Brian 87 

Gordon, Alicia 124 

Gorhamk, Ashley 133, 138, 149 

Gosselink, Peter 84, 141 

Gossetjeff 84 

Gould, Dr. 101 

Graham, Ginny 21, 50 

Graham, Lea 64, 66 

Gray, Brenda 51,71,72 

Greathouse, Jeff 23, 51, 57 

Green, Lisa 46,110 

Greenwood, Sarah 47 

Gregg, Clark 78 

Greifenkamp, Jennifer 74, 140 

Greig, Julie 71,74,151 

Griggs, Sybel 110 

Gritzmacker, David 84 

Grounds, Shannon 110 

Grtizmacher, David 140 

Guarascio, Laura 143 

Guest, James 87, 110 

Guillen, Michelle 110 

Gutman, C.A. 95 

Catalan, Sherry 71 

Guyton,S. 91 


Haberle, May 110 
Hageland, Nancy 22 
Hamilton, Alan 58,82 
Hamilton, Katie 74 
Hamilton, Mark 87,110 
Hammjeff 84 
Hammes, Michael 58 
Hammond, Dr. 101 
Hancock, Heather 65 
Hancock, Joe 78 
HaneLKen 65 
Hanes, Dr. W. 99 
Hannah, Chris 111 
Hansen, Dana 76 
Hansen, Mike 82 
Hardaway, Gray 87 
Hardin, Regan 74, 111 
Harding, John 111 
Hardt, Alice 60 
Hardy, L 111,128 
Harper, Jennifer 74 
Harrell, Deidre 37,45,111 
Harris, Jennifer 76 
Hart, Heather 76, 111 
Haskell, Dr. T. 98 
Hassinger, Peter 40, 65, 84 

Havron, Bonnie 22, 76 

Haworth, Alan 86 

Hay, Carter 84,142 

Hay, Cullen 53,87 

Heavner,Matt 31,37,59 

Hehman, S. 91 

Heibert, Susan 72 

Heller, Jenna 59,62,111 

Helmers, Karen 51, 72 

Henley, David 82 

Herbert, Dr. 98 

Herbert, Susan 22 

Herlihy, Scott 80,151 

Herrera, Spencer 45, 111, 138 

Herttenberger, Beth 76 

Heste,J.F. 91 

Hiebert, Susan 149 

Hilgeman, Dr. F. 57, 102 

Hill, Elizabeth 66,111 

Hill, Heather 111 

Hilliard, Dr. 58,101 

Hirsch, Wendi 86 

Hobbs, Craig 42,44,48,65, 67 

Hoberley, May 86 

Hoffman, Clay 61 

Holguin, Carmina 45 

Holland, Elizabeth 22, 32 

Holland, Mamie 58 

Holland, Mussetta 22 

Holland, Stephanie 34,111 

Holliday,J. 95 

Hollis, Brian 22,45,53 

Holloway, Kelli 71,74 

Holmes, Eric 86,111 

Holmes, Mark 78 

Holt, Melissa 148 

Homeyer, V. 94 

Honig, Heather 22,51,74 

Hooker, Dr. 99 

Hooker, J.M. 93 

Hooper, Bryan 55 

Hooper, Christopher 111 

Hopper, L. 93,95 

Hornbeck, Jackie 111 

Horton, Julie 42, 64, 67, 86, 94, 1 1 1 

Hossalla, Dr. 103 

Hotchkiss, Melanie 64, 66 

House, Laura 72 

House, Lisa 140 

Houseton, A. 94 

Houston, David 78,126 

Howard, Chris 140 

Howard, Lee 86 

Howard, Marrit 37,111 

Howe, Dr. 102 

Howell, Kristen 22,51,60 

Hoy t, Julie 87,124 

Hrdlicka, Karen 22,41,56 

Hritz, Jennifer 49 

Huang, Alan 23,57 

Hubbard, F 94 

Hubble, E.G. 92 

Hudson, Julie 42,111 

Huff, Valerie 23 

Hughes, Heather 66,111 

Hughes, Rachel 23,47 

Hull, Heather 58, 64, 66, 87 

Hunt, Amanda 42,47, 54,57,86,111 

Hunt, Brian 23 

Hunt, James 58 

Hutchins, Dana 111 

Hutto, Laura 59,112 

Hyatt, R. 9 

Ibanez, Annabelle 23, 45 
Imhoff, Elizabeth 112 
Imle, Jennifer 112 
Inaba, Yukiko 41,47,112 
Inselmann, Hannah 34,58,112 
Irani, Sonya 86, 134 

Irish, Shannon 42, 86 

Jackson, Alvin 67 

Jackson, Brian 65, 6 7, 112 

Jackson, Dakau 126 

Jackson, Paula 15, 23, 56 

Jacob, Dr. 101 

Jacob, Lisa 33, 39, 60, 57, 76, 112 

Jacobs, E.T. 93 

James, Joe 80 

James, Shawn 78 

Jameson, Jasyn 162 

Jameson, Kenda 24, 32, 39, 57, 76 

Jenkins, A. 94 

Jenkins, Lewis 126 

Johnson, Andrea 58,72,112 

Johnson, Carrie 49 

Johnson, David 42, 87, 112 

Johnson, Dr. 148 

Johnson, Faye 90 

Johnson, Gillian 112 

Johnson, Kristi 149 

Johnson, Magic 159 

Johnson, Matt 148 

Johnson, Ms. 103 

Jones, A. 94,95 

Jones, A.L. 92 

Jones, T. 92 

Jones, William 90 

Jordan, Michael 82 

Jordan, Tammy 39 

Joynes, Robin 49, 51, 60, 146 

Judkins, Claire 147, 150 

Juhl,Mr. 103 

Kain, Dr. E. 58,101 

Kandeler, Shelia 60,112 

Karin, Misty 66,112 

Kasper, L. 93 

Kasper,Staci 72,112,148 

Kaufman, Vashti 112 

Kay, Lisa 76 

Kean, Teresa 148 

Kearley, Barbara 42, 62, 86, 112 

Kelly, Evan 112 

Kendall, Sandy 60,112 

Kennedy, Kristin 76 

Kerr, R. 94 

Kettle, Christine 72,112 

Ketukkaenchan, Mr. 103 

Keys, Andrea 42 

Kiema, Kristin 112 

Kim, Ho 80 

King, Joey 33, 55 

King, Mitch 80 

King, Tony 71,78,138,148 

Kirk, Debbie 112 

Kirkpatrick, Tom 78 

Kissinger, Heather 23, 56 

Kistler, Kent 87 

Kizer, Amy 86 

Klawunn, E.H. 95 

Knauth, BG. 93 

Knauth, H. 92 

Kolber,Mark 64,113 

Koonce, X. 91 

Koutras, Charles 32, 42, 113 

Kramer, D. 95 

Kretzschmar, Gary 23, 34 

Kryjeski, Jeff 84 

Kubik,Darien 53,65,69 

Kulvicki, Alayne 39 

Kunath, Rachel 113 

Kupfer, K.W. 91 


Lacey, Paul 82, 135 
Lake, W. 93 
Lance, Staci 113 
Laney, Shawn 87, 113 
Langowski, L. 92 


Lansford, Dr. E. 57, 102, 157 

Lawson, Kyla 24,76,140 

Layman, K. 91 

Ledet, Marc 78,138,151 

LeDuc, Jennifer 24, 37, 48, 58 

Lee, Denise 72 

Lee, Dr. 103 

Lee, Jane 37,47 

Leeper, Suzanne 148 

Lemens, Carrie 58, 72 

Lemons, Shani 72, 139 

Leoffler, Devon 72 

Leonard, Annette 49, 113 
: Leonard, Julie 76 

Leone, Christina 44 

LePageJ. 92 

Leveridge, Michael 44 

Lightsey, Dr. 102 

Lim, Audrey 52 
\ Lim, Audrey 57 

Lim, Audrey 41 

Lim, Audrey 24,42 

LindJ.W. 92 

Lind,Katrina 86,113 
: Linhart, Robert 49 

Linhart, Robert 64 

Linhart, Robert 65 

Linhart, Robert 24,69,84 

Littlefield, David 44 

Littlefield, David 49 
I Loehr, F.L. 92 

Lohr, Michael 113 

Long, Kim 76 

Long, Kim 24,124 

Lopez, Catherine 56 
i Lopez, Catherine 40 
I Lopez, Catherine 44 
! Lopez, Catherine 86 

Lopez, Catherine 140 

Lopez, Catherine 113 

Lore, Mike 45 
; Lorenz, Patrick 71 
I Lorenz, Patrick 60,82 

Lott, Jennifer 39 

Lott, Jennifer 76, 113 

Low, Jay 95 

Lowder, Austin 86, 140 

Lowe, Ms. 101 

Lowry , Madison 113 

Lowry, Matt 57 

Lowry, Matt 42 

Lowry, Matt 44 

Lowry, Matt 49 

Lowry, Matt 67 

Lucero, Sara 34 

Lucero, Sara 42 

Lucero, Sara 45 

Lucero, Sara 134 

Lucero, Sara 113 

Ludena, Maria 24, 47 
I Luk, Kenneth 47 

Lundblod, E. 95 

Lyerly, Leilani 87 


Macaluso, Tom 42 
Macaluso, Tom 78 
MacKay, Jamie 58 
MagilLStaci 124 
MagilLStaci 113 
Maldonado, Monica 62 
Mallonjim 100,130 
Mangels, April 49 
Mangels, April 
Manning, Erin 
Manning, Erin 
Manning, Erin 
Manning, Erin 
Manning, Erin 
Marsh, Leslie 

Marshall. Amv 49 

Marshall, Amy 113 
Martin, David 49,64,84 
Martin, Mickey 113,123,141 
Martin, Theresa 113,140 
Martinez, Wade 82,131 
Martz, Walter 42, 84, 113, 138 
Mash, John 86 
Mason, Blaine 87 
Mason, Eric 69,113 
Massey, Charlotte 87 
Massey, Kim 49,60,72 
Mathre, Erica 147,148 
Mattson, Brandi 42,66,114 
Maulding, P. 94 
Maurer, Christopher 67, 140 
Maurer, Melissa 24, 56 
May, Charles 24,78 
Mayerhoff, Rodney 67 
Mayhew, Matt 82 
McCann, Kristi 74 
McCarty, Erik 25 
McCarty,Nate 148 
McClain, Raimund 39 
McClish, Dr. 103 
McCollough, A. 95 
McConathy, Erik 55 
McCormick, Jon 84 
McCorpin, Nancy 58, 86 
McDaniel,Amy 76,151 
McDonald, B. 93 
McDonald, Liane 25, 86 
McElroy, Laura 114 
McElveen, John 55 
McGonigle, Timothy 25, 51, 142 
McGrath, Jennie 62, 76, 114 
McHaney, Stephen 82, 146, 151 
Mclnroy, Mark 87, 114, 138 
McKay, Alison 25 
McKay, Steven 25, 55, 71, 82 
McKelvey, Lowell 78 
McKinney, Kevin 80 
McKinney, Steve 126 
McMalhon, Kevin 78 
McNelly, Lara 74 
McNinch, Scott 80, 138, 151 
McQuillin, Diana 59, 72, 149 
Meigs, Linda 139 
Mendenhall, Steve 61, 62, 84, 114 
Mendosa, Augie 138 
Mercer, Tyler 51 
Merena, Laura 114 
Mesen, Michelle 42, 114 
Metschan, Brent 71,78 
Meyers, Ms. 98 
Meza,Mark 78,114 
Milam, Alexis 25,58 
Miles, Stacy 87 
Miller, Andy 39,42,58,82,114 
Miller, Jason 49,59,61,114 
Miller, Jennifer 86 
Miller, Jill 25 
Miller, Kathy 72 
Miller, Mike 87 
Mitchell, Regina 114 
Mitchell, Susan 90 
Mitra, Dr. 102 
Mohre,T.P. 92 
Mojica, Emmelina 148 
Molitorisz, Dr. 98 
Molitorisz, M. 91 
Molnar, Stephanie 37,48 
Monell, Mary 76,114 
Monkus, Elizabeth 25 
Montgomery, Brad 126 
Month, Yarduvde 
Moore, Cassandra 25 
Moore, David 138 
Moore, Dennis 87 
Moore, Jason 59, 80 
Moore, Jenny 114 
Moore. L. 91 

Moran, J. 93 

Moran, Mark 84 

Moreton, Brenda 148 

Morgan, Dr. R. 101,150 

Morris, Amy 74,139 

Morris, Diane 87 

Morris, Jane 151 

Morris, L. 93 

Morris, Michael 87,114 

Morriss, Chris 26,84 

Moses, Chana 76 

Mouka, Michele 76 

Mueller, V. 94 

Muir, Gordon 138 

Muir-Broaddus, Dr. 50, 51, 99 

Mullins,P. 94 

Mullins, Renee 114,124 

Mundheuk, Craig 78 

Muniz, M. 94 

Munt, Glada 100, 124, 125, 133 

Murphy, J. 94 

Murphy, Jennifer 42,49,86,114,139 

Myers, David 84 


Nagelkirk, Anne 87, 114 

Nakasishi, Naomi 66 

Nartz, Matt 80 

Naumann, Dr. 102 

Navarrette, F. 94 

Neal, Lana 26 

Neas, Robin 39,58 

Nelson, Sarah 54,62,114 

Nemeth, Dora 44,57,76 

Neville, Dr. G. 58,101 

Nevils,Gina 87 

Newcomer, Kelli 64 

Newell, Dave 71,95 

Newkirk, Amber 114 

Nguyen, Ha 147,150 

Nguyen, Trinh 60,72,115 

Nguyen, Tuan 32, 39, 42, 53, 84, 115 

Nguyen, Viet 26,140 

Niemiec, Julie 66,115 

Nieto, Roy 25 

Norbraten, Brett 31, 51, 59, 60, 115 

Norman, Ms. 99 

Normand, Gay 26, 72 

Norwood, Sally 148 

NowlinJ. 91 

Nye, Jeff 34,53,115 

O'Brien, Dr. 102 

O'Brien, Jennifer 48 

O'Kuma, Koren 141 

O'Neal, Amy 115 

O'Neal, Netta 74,115 

O'Neill, Dr. 101 

Oakes, Cathryn 115 

Oakes, Katie 86,128,129 

Oandasan, Karen 115 

Oballo, Kenny 82,115 

Offet, Cindy 86,134 

01ey,Tom 86 

Olsta, Kris 26,76 

Oltremari, Beth 76,115,140 

OoLMike 138 

Oren,Neda 47,60,115 

Orr, Bruce 78, 141 

Osborn, A. 95 

Otillar, Steve 26, 42, 133, 138, 149 

Otto, Julie 34,76 

Oxford, Julie 115 

Pasley, Jamie 84 

Patel, Praque 84 

Patterson, K. 91 

Patterson, Neil 26,60 

Patton, John 26 

Pauise, Scott 86 

Payne, Tom 138 

Pearson, Kerri 44,115,128,129 

Peck, Michael 51,55 

Peffer, Nicole 74 

Pena,Elsa 48 

Pena,L. 94 

Penick, Doris 66 

Perches, Sofia 59,115 

Perea, Ann 115 

Perkins, Beth 148 

Perz, Alyssa 32, 39, 57, 74 

Perz, Steve 51,58 

Peterson, Dr. 103 

Pfaff, Heather 86,115 

Philips, Randy 115 

Phillips, A. 95 

Phillips, Dr. 98 

Phillips, Jason 65,69 

Phillips, Laura 58, 72, 139 

Phillips, Rebecca 86,115 

Phillips, Rob 39,49,64,84,116 

Picht, Julie 72 

Pickard, Chris 91 

Pierce, Jason 39, 61 

Pilcher, Wally 49 

Pinion, John 39,59,84 

Piotrowski, Bill 78 

Pipkin, Shawn 46,116,135 

Pischel, Tobias 47,116 

Pittman,Beth 58 

Piatt, Christi 145, 147, 148 

Plowman, Lisa 72,116,151 

Poeck, Laura 116 

Pollard, Blaire 87 

Popko, Laura 139,143 

Porter, Jon 42, 61, 116, 145, 146 

Potter, Alison 87,116 

Potter, Dr. 55, 102 

Pouttu, Matt 56 

Powell, Joseph 86 

Prasifka, Matt 135 

Pratt, Terra 116 

Preis,Ann 26,41,56,76 

Price, Lara 76, 116 

Price, Paul 27,51,57 

Pritchett, Philip 82 

Proctor, Doris 90 

Pryor,Dr. 100 

Purdy,Dr.J. 51,99 

Purdy,K. 92 

Pursley,Mr. 100 

Puskarich, J.J. 93 


Pannabecker, Marcia 
Paredes, David 115 
Parker, Casandra 60 
Parks, J. 95 
Parks, Leslie 151 


Quan, Marcus 84' 

Quirt, Leah 62, 65 

Ragsdale, Jason 52 

Rahman, Prince 27 

Ramirez, Josie 87,116 

Ramirez, Tracy 44 

Ramsey, Suzanne 116 

Rappe, Jodie 87,116 

Rasmussen, R. 91 

Ratliff, Kim 76,124 

Rawlins, Vickie 31,37,62,116 

Reagan, Brad 82 

Reagan, Gem Ann 49, 66, 116 

Redd, Ginger Burr 

Redeker,Sean 34, 35,53,116 

Redland, Becky 72,116 

Reed, Nicole 67,116 

Reese, Shelly 27 

Reeves, Jaime 28, 50, 51, 57, 82, 142 

Reeves, Juan 116,135 

Reilly, Margaret 54, 74 

Reinehr, Dr. R. 51, 100 
Reinhart, Samantha 87 
Resselman, Lee 87 
Revis, Mark 84 
Rhoden, Lea 86, 141 
Rhodes, Brenda 27 
Richards, Dr. 102 
Richardson, Heather 76 
Richbourg, Tracy 61, 76, 151 
Richmond, Margaret 116 
Richmond, Peggy 37, 48 
Ridings, Matt 64 
Right, Steven 140 
Riley, Margaret 51 
Riquelme, Sonia 98, 151 
Rivera, Cathi 124,125 
Roberts, Dr. K. 100,151 
Roberts, Sherrin 148 
Robertson, Shontell 46, 48 
Robinson, David 27, 55, 138, 60 
Robison, LyAnne 151 
Rodriguez, James 45 
Roe, Nicole 86 
Roeder,D. 95 
Roeder, Dr. 102 
Rogers, Vernonica 27, 34 
Rojo, Christy 60,87,116 
Romero, Rachel 45, 62, 117, 140 
Rork, Patrick 78 
Rose, Matthew 117 
Rosenthal, Micheal 90 
RosipalC. 94 
Rosner,Greg 82,135 
Rossman,M.G. 92 
Roth, Cerise 117 
Rubin, Joseph 42, 59, 67, 117 
Runnels, David 42,49,62 
Rupple, Erika 117 
Russ,Dr. 102 
Russell, Josh 62,80, 140 
Russell, lulie 117,141 

Salas,Ms. 98 

Saldana, Stephanie 32, 60 

Salerno, Allen 148 

Salinas, Gonzalo 117 

Sanderfer, Debbie 91 

Sanders, Cathy 39, 46, 1 1 7 

Sandifer, Rachel 27 

Santana, Annette 117 

Sappington, Barbara 90 

Sarwana, Jawad 47, 117 

Schadler, Jeff 42,87 

Schephens, Greg 80 

Schmidt, Charles 87,138 

Schmitz, Jenny 72, 117, 139, 143 

Schneider, Heidi 72,117 

Schroeder, Mr. 103 

Score, Dr. 99 

Scott, C. 94 

Scott, Constance 124, 125 

Seeber,Jill 87,117 

Seip,Fred 39,84,117,149 

Sellers, Dr. F. 56,100 

Seuss, Dr. 

Sewell, Laura 42,117 

Shafer,Eric 66,87,117 

Shafer, Tony 138 

Sharkey, Helen 44,56,117 

Sharma, Nisa 27, 42, 60, 145, 146, 


Shaw, Norma 90 

Shed,DarreIl 67 

Sheffield, Amanda 42, 65, 87, 117 

Shelton,Dr. 102 

Shen, Dr. 103 

Sheppard, Dr. 103 

Sheppard, E. 94 
Shilling, Roy 90 


Shroeder, Francie 90 

Shull, Katie 74 

Sigala, B. 95 

Sikes, Dr. 100 

Sikes, Grady 84,124 

Sills, Barrett 66 

Sills, Mr. 103 

Silva, Lee 117 

Silverberg, Liese 86, 117 

Simmons, Carrie 34, 42, 45, 1 18 

Simms, Shannon 39 

Simons, Kayla 64 

Sinclair, J. 93 

Skelley, Erin 118,128,143 

Skelley, Spencer 27, 62, 84 

Slye, David 126 

Smelser, E. 94 

Smith, Alex 86 

Smith, Claire 66,86,118 

Smith, D. 94 

Smith, Danette 42, 86, 118 

Smith, Debbie 58,74,118 

Smith, J.B. 145,148 

Smith, Jamey 87 

Smith, Kevin 15,28 

Smith, L. 91 

Smith, Lisa 60,74 

Smith, Scott 28, 40, 42, 61, 66, 82, 


Snell, Dr. F. 84, 97, 99, 118 

Soderholtz, Margaret 118 

Solis,0. 95 

Sommer, Lesley 42, 67 

Soni, Sonal 66 

Sorajja, Paul 32,39,84 

Soulen, Dr. R. 57, 101 

Sparks, Angela 28,47 

Spears, C. 94 

Spellmann, Dr. 99 

Spivey, Jason 48 

Sprock, D. 93 

Stalk, Jack B. 

Stallard,K. 95 

Star Varner, Ms. 102 

Steelman, E. 95 

Steelman, P. 95 

Steinhoff, Maria 42,60 

Stellman, Pete 61,118 

Stephens, Christy 86,118 

Stephens, Kate 148 

Stephens, Todd 82,124 

Stevens, John 78,140 

Stevens, Juli 74 

Stewart, Ansalan 46 

Stewart, Ellen 33,39,59,60,76,118 

Stice, Sheri 28, 49, 51, 60 

Stiegler, Ashley 57, 76, 118 

Stigdon, Andrea 118 

Stippick, Brandi 86,118 

Stokes, Catherine 58, 74, 143 

Stone, Joel 86 

Stone, K. 95 

Stout, A. 93 

Stovall, Michael 40 

Streitman, John 65, 67, 87 

Streitman, Scott 61, 161 

Streza, Wendy 28,42,49 

Strickland, Barbara 147, 148 

Strickland, Donald 28, 53, 65, 84 

Strippoli, Mike 87,118 

Styrskyjohn 80 

Succopjeff 86,118 

Sullivan, Steve 28,82 

Sumpter, Kristin 56, 139 

Surratt, Gordan 49,141 

Sutton, Randi 87,118 

Swafford, Stephanie 32,39,65,118 

Sweet, Dan 149 

Swift, B. 95 

Swift, Luke 71,84,138 

Syverson, Cathy 86,118 

Tackman, Alex 118 

Takas, Stephanie 128,129 

Talk, Andrew 15,28,51 

Tamez, Pamela 39, 42, 45, 1 1 9 

Tangum, Robyn 143 

Tapper, Laura 66 

Tattini, Angela 49 

Tatum, Greg 42,45 

Tatum,Paul 42,51,151 

Taxis, Al 86 

Taylor, Beth 67 

Taylor, C. 91 

Taylor, Shannon 126 

TelLTasha 119,128,129 

Terry, Jenny 42,119 

Tharpe, Amy 42,86 

Thoeni, Willy 80 

Thomas, Ajay 119 

Thomas, B.T. 92 

Thomas, Dionne 32, 46, 119, 139 

Thomas, Robert 119 

Thomas, Spencer 84 

Thompson, Alys 149 

Thompson, Chip 34 

Thompson, Claudia 87,119 

Thompson, Leslie 86, 119 

Thompson, Mark 58 

Thompson, Shana 86 

Thompson, Spencer 65, 119, 138 

Thompson, Verlinda 76 

Tiemann, Holly 33, 71, 72, 119 

Tiff, Anita 42, 44, 57 

Timm, Eric 32,39,84 

Timm, Mandy 39, 145, 148, 150 

Timm, Mandy 145,148,150 

Timourian, Susan 135 

Tobola, Erin 119 

Todd,K.M. 91 

Torres, Betsy 42,119 

Torres-Pou, Dr. 98 

Traeger, Paul 82 

Tran, Loan 29,39,50,146 

Tran,Long 39,119 

Trefftzs,J. 95 

Trevino, Lolita 72, 119 

Trevino, Tim 119 

Trompler, Curtis 65, 67 

Trotti, Traci 119 

Trusler, Rhett 51 

Tubbs, Terri 128, 145, 148 

Tunsky, D. 94 

Turner, B.J. 92 

Turtles, Ninja 

Tuttle, Teresa 49,119,141 

Twiley, Steve 126 

Tynes, Ms. 101 

Tyrrasch, Kathy 72,139 

Unite, Sel 39,50,99 
Unlu, Dr. 99 
Uribe,JJ 126 
Uselton, Amy 74,119 
Utz, Laura 76,119 
vanBeek, Philip 82 
Vance, Greg 87,119 
Vander Vorste, Gwyn 29 
Vasquez, Madge 45, 60 
Velazquez, Gretchen 120 
Villareal, Christi 32, 45 
Villemain, Pete 65,67 
von Donk, Jason 135 
Wade, Eric 82 


Waggoner, Kevin 87,120 
Wagner, Dana 29, 50, 58, 72 

Waldo 152 

Walker, Andrew 42, 120, 138 

Walker, Vickie 42,120 

Wallace, John 80,149,151 

Waller, E 95 

Walters, Jennifer 120 

Walther, Britt 120 

Wang, Michael 29, 140 

Washington, Dr. 99 

Washington, G.G. 93 

Watkin, Nicola 58,120 

Watkins, Heather 86 

Watkins, Melanie 86 

Watkins, Trade 120 

Watson, Angie 74 

Watson, Stephanie 120, 139 

Weaver, Kristyn 67, 120 

Weaver, Mindi 148 

Weber, Max 87 

Weddle, Jeannie 42,120 

Weeks, Michelle 49,86 

Wehe, Andrew 29 

Weinburgh, Robin 42,120 

Weir,E. 95 

Weittzberger, Janelle 58 

Wekopf, Valerie 139 

Welborn, Deanna 49, 66 

Welborn, Teresa 42, 67, 120 

Welbourn, Deanna 29 

Welch, Andy 87 

Welch, Robert 138 

Werlein, Emily 39, 60, 74, 120 

Weselman, Michelle 39, 51, 64, 120 

Westbrook, Susanna 74 

Wheeler, Mr. 102 

Wheelis, Lee 86,120 

Whidbee, Jay 42, 71, 82, 142 

Whidbee, Kelly 72 

White, Lorri 29,50,54 

White, Rob 78 

White, Shauna 46,120 

White, Tony 87,120 

Wicker, Patrick 120 

Wieland, Caroline 56 

Wier, Daniel 82 

Williams, Chris 80 

Williams, K. 91 

Williams, Laura 29,42 

Williams, Leslie 65, 67, 72, 120 

Willson, Joe 51 

Wilson, Jennifer 76, 121 

Wilson, Joe 80 

Winn, Andrew 87 

Wivagg, John 42 

Wolfe, Michael 151 

Wolff, Xenia 121 

Wonderland, Allison 

Wong, Keth 140 

Wood, Dylan 80 

Woodfin,K. 94 

Woodhull, Cheri 62,76 

Woods, Myrshia 42, 46, 121 

Woods, Scott 82,121 

Wooten,S. 94 

Worrich, Melissa 87,140 

Wright, Leslie 60, 76, 121 


Yarbrough, Sarah 76 
Yardley, Mr. S. 103 
Yeoman, Jennifer 74,121 
Young, Dr. 100 
Young, Renee 86,121,134 
YoxalhD. 91 
Zakielarz, Cristin 42, 86 
Zamecki, Janet 39 
Zapata, Marisa 64, 121 
Zercher, Jonathan 86 
Zorrilla, Miguel 29 
Zych, Katherine 57 


Rebecca Cheney. . . Cover Designer /Artist 
Caroline Gonzalez. .Writer of "Expressions" 

Caroline Gonzalez Introduction 

Rosa Escobar Senior 

Perla Bermuez Faculty 

Rosa Escobar Administration 

Donald Duck Dated Minnie at one point 

Caroline Gonzalez Artwork in yearbook 

Perla Bermudez. . . .Patient computer expert 

Rosa Escobar Underclassmen 

Perla Bermudez Athletics 

Caroline Gonzalez Study n 1 Travel 

Perla Bermudez Organizations & News 

Caroline Gonzalez 

Perla Bermudez Greek Life 

Rosa Escobar 

Caroline Gonzalez 

Tracy Bonday-deLeon. .Designated slave driver 

Perla Bermudez Photographer/ 

film developer 
Caroline Gonzalez (Apprentice 1) 

Rosa Escobar Apprentice 2 photographer 

SU Students. . . .Apprentice 3 photographers 

Mickey Mouse Sorceror ' s apprentice 

Caroline Gonzalez Index 

Perla Bermudez 

Frank Oman Man with briefcase who 

makes us get our act together 

Well, this is it-The End. . The Grande Finale. 

Hope you all enjoyed it!! 

We tried to capture as much of the year's events as possible. If we 
didn't get your special event, then we're terribly sorry. However, 
your memory is your best yearbook (as long as you don't lose it!). 
If we offended anybody, well, we're sorryabout that too. It's just 
one of those things that happens without you realizing it. 

Anyways, we wanted to thank everyone for helping out!! 

1) To our wonderful and devoted friends who patiently accepted 
the fact that it was "deadline time " again ! 

2) To all who contributed pictures. Without ya'll, it would have been 
hell trying to get the "true" personality of each student. 

3) To all whom we asked for help, especially in identifying people, 
in getting new ideas, or in finding motivation. 

4) To everybody who had to experience the strangest things from 
the yearbook staff. For example, stopping you and asking you your 
name. Or calling your room and asking you if you knew who the 
person with the khaki pants was. Afterall, you were in the picture 

5) And, finally, to our advisor, Tracy Bonday- de Leon. Thanks for 
the ideas, the patience, and , most of all, for the can of food! It kept 
us going during late-hours-of-the-night-right-bef ore-the-deadline- 

If we missed anybody, well, thank you too. Without everybody's 
cooperation and patience, we would have never been finished! 

Good Luck in your future years!! 

It f s those good times, and bad times, that we remember during our college 
years, and that we'll probably never forget . Thisyearbookhopes to capture 
those moments. Peace. 

-The 1991-92 Sou' Wester Staff and Mr. Mac